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High-Performance Computing Rules at GPU Tech Conference 2010

High-end graphics demos are out in force at this year's Nvidia GPU Tech Conference, as developers and researchers push the limits of what graphics processors can do.

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Jen-Hsun Huang Kicks off GPU Tech Conference

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang got the 2010 GPU Tech Conference going with his Keynote address. Read on to learn about the announcements and demos.

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HP Envy 17: A Sleek Desktop Replacement for Windows Users With Mac Envy

HP’s slick Envy 17 delivers Blu-ray and robust 3D graphics in an understated package.

Update the Firmware on Your HDTV, Camera, Smartphone, PC, and More

Software updates aren't just for PCs any more. Here's how to fix bugs and add new features to your existing hardware with a few easy patches.

AVADirect Clevo W860CU 3D Gaming Laptop Review

AVADirect delivers Stereoscopic 3D to go in the less-than-svelte W860U. The display could be better, though.

The HP Pavilion dv6-3013 Delivers an Affordable and Robust Media Experience

HP’s triple-core Phenom version of its dv6 laptop delivers surprisingly good audio and video at a low cost, but a few compromises are visible.

Toshiba Satellite L645D: Modest Price, Modest Performance

Though it sacrifices performance and features to achieve its low price, the affordable Satellite L645D is still a step up from a netbook.

Dell Latitude E5510: Basic Business Chops at a Price

Dell’s updated Latitude E5510 offers the latest 32nm Intel Core i5 CPU and Intel integrated graphics, but it seems a little overpriced for its minimalist ethic.

How To Troubleshoot Your Home-Built PC

You’ve built your new PC, but something’s not right--and you don't have the luxury of a manufacturer's warranty or tech support line. Here’s how to fix problems with your do-it-yourself PC.

iBuyPower's Armada MT20X: Touch Me!

The Armada MT20X adds touch capability to standard Windows gaming, but frame rate issues hobble this otherwise intriguing gaming laptop.

Upgrade Your Motherboard the Easy Way

You’ve taken the plunge and bought a hot new motherboard. Here's how to upgrade your motherboard, swap your hardware, and prep your system so that you won't have to reinstall your apps.

Micro Express NBL60: Pleasantly Unassuming Laptop

This sub-6-pound, 15-inch notebook ships with discrete graphics, a Core i7 CPU, and a solid-state drive for under $1200. It all hangs together surprisingly well.

Overclocking for Newbies

Overclocking your processor can give your PC a significant speed boost--but you have to be careful. Here's how to overclock your system's processor without frying it.

Acer Aspire One 532h-2588: A Merely Adequate Rendition of the Now Familiar Netbook Platform

In the 532h-2588, Acer has produced a very average netbook at a relatively low price, with all the drawbacks and strengths of the class.

Dell Vostro 3300: A Sleek and Compact Small-Business Laptop

Dell takes its ultrathin aesthetic to the small-business market, offering a sharp-looking notebook with just the right set of features for its intended market.