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Box OneCloud Now Supports Android Devices

Subscribers to this enterprise service can now access Android apps and store and share Android files.

Apple's iPad: A Microsoft Clone

Analysis: Who's on first? It's true -- Apple copied Microsoft with iPad, not the other way around.

Hybrid Drives Already Passe, as SSD Sales Skyrocket

Hybrid drives, which combine NAND flash with spinning disk, are selling like molasses compared to SSDs and SSDs with cache, according to IHS iSuppli.

How Fast Are the MacBook's USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt Ports?

Thunderbolt can transfer a full-length, high-definition movie in less than 30 seconds.

Dell Announces 'Storage Blades,' Converged Data Center Strategy

Dell Tuesday announced a storage array in a server blade form factor that can be combined with networking and server blades in a single chassis.

Mobile Devices Bring Cloud Storage -- and Security Risks -- to Work

The risks associated with BYOD and cloud storage services highlight a problem IT shops now face: The potential loss of corporate data to an insecure public cloud.

Hard Drive Prices to Remain High Until 2014

A new report from IHS iSuppli states that drive prices that skyrocketed after flooding in Thailand will remain high for the next couple of years.

Facebook and Physicians: A Prescription for Trouble

Doctors are being warned to stay off social media to avoid patient privacy conflicts.

New DDR4 Memory to Boost Tablet, Server Performance

Although the standard for DDR4 memory won't be finalized until summer, several companies are already preparing to ship modules that will boost performance in...

Pogoplug Service Turns Your Computers Into Private Cloud

Turn your PCs and servers into pools of storage accessible from the Web

Seagate to Demo 12Gbps SAS SSD

Seagate said it will demonstrate a 12Gbps SAS solid-state drive (SSD) at the SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase this week.

Researchers Use Diamonds to Boost Computer Memory

IBM and others are already developing solid-state chip technology using phase-change memory, which IBM says can sustain up to 5 million write cycles.

Crowdsourcing Game Helps Diagnose Infectious Diseases

The free game assumes groups of non-experts can learn to recognize microscopic images of infectious disease cells with the accuracy of trained pathologists.

Google Drive Privacy Policies Slammed

Privacy advocates and users voice concerns about Google's terms of use for its new Drive storage services, including what happens to your data if you ditch the Drive.

Wal-Mart to Expand Disc-to-cloud Movie Service to 30 Countries

The new cloud movie service, officially launched earlier this month, is expected to give Netflix a run for its money.