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Thought-Controlled Computers May Soon Be a Reality

Today's human-computer interface is an I/O bottleneck that can be corrected, according to a scientist.

Dell, EMC Part After 10 Years

The computer vendor is ending its decade-long reseller deal with EMC for its storage product lines.

Table Salt may Build Heftier Hard Drives

Researchers find a way to use salt crystals to boost bit storage density on hard drives so they can hold more data in smaller form.

Thunderbolt vs. SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Intel will tell you its new high-speed interconnect technology, Thunderbolt, is not in competition with USB. Should we believe it?

Mozy Ships Hard Drives to Cloud Backup Customers

Mozy has begun shipping hard drives to users of its MozyPro online backup service in order to speed up the initial full copy of data to be stored off site...

Online Gamers Solve AIDS Retroviral Puzzle for Scientists

After failing to figure out the crystal structure of an AIDS retrovirus enzyme responsible for how HIV multiplies, scientists crowd-sourced the effort to the gaming community, which was able to decipher the structure in a matter of days.

9/11 TV Coverage Compiled in Internet Archive

"Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive" is a time capsule offering 3000 hours of news coverage from the week of September 11, 2001.


9/11: Top Lessons Learned for Disaster Recovery

Security and an evolution in technology have improved the odds of a business withstanding catastrophe.

Is Transcend Planning a 2TB USB Thumb Drive?

According to a video posting on YouTube of memory card maker Transcend and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have teamed up to produce a USB 3.0...

Start-up Releases All-in-one VMware Server, Storage Appliance

Nutanix's Complete Cluster puts VMware servers, storage under one management GUI.

Industry Group Releases Spec to Test Consumer SSD Performance

The Storage Networking Industry Association this month announced the release of a specification that can be used to test the performance of consumer (client) solid-state drives (SSDs) regardless of the vendor.

Healthcare Industry Leads Market in IT Hiring

Flush with federal funds and under the gun of federal regulatory deadlines, the healthcare industry is leading the market in IT jobs creation, according to the...

Mitek Extends Check Imaging Tech to Health Care, Insurance

Mitek is extending the market for its its imaging technology from financial services to the health care and insurance industries.

Consumers Don't Want E-Health Records

Consumers just don't trust electronic health records to securely store their personal information, according to a survey by Harris Interactive.

SanDisk Releases New SSDs for Old Computers

SanDisk introduces a new line of SSDs designed for consumers who may want to extend the life of an aging computer.