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Healthcare IT Faces Deadline on New Medical Codes

A new federally mandated medical coding system requires a massive overhaul of healthcare IT systems.

Why Google Health Failed: Too Little, Too Soon

Google's personal health record service, Google Health, failed to take off due to poor marketing and a lack of functionality that consumers insist is required.

Hospital Turns to Palm Reading to ID Patients

New York University's Langone Medical Center said it is the first hospital in the Northeast to use a biometric infrared scanning system that converts a digital palm image into a unique patient ID.

Carbonite Launches Flat-rate Online Backup for Small Business

Carbonite's small business solutions charge a flat rate of $229 per year for 250GB of storage.

Healthcare Will Take Up Nearly 20% of the US Economy by 2019

Healthcare spending will represent nearly one-fifth of the U.S. gross domestic product by 2019

Dell Offers Gateway Storage Appliance

Dell announced a new appliance that allows its block-based storage area network to store file-based data under one unified management interface.

External Disk Storage Shipments Increase 46% in Q1

Sales of external disk storage systems continue to boom with a fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue gains, according to market research firm IDC.

Cloud Storage No Threat to SMB NAS Systems, Survey Shows

An In-Stat survey of small to midsize firms shows that while they're adopting cloud services, they're still buying onsite NAS storage systems.

University's New SSDs Boost Video Production Speeds by 16X

When Brigham Young University-Hawaii's digital media lab needed to turbo-charge its high-def video processing system, it had two choices: Add a storage area network or plop an solid state drive into its Macbook Pro laptop.

As 'Big Data' Grows, IT Job Roles are Changing

As corporate data stores continues to grow, in some cases by 50%-plus a year, the expanding task of managing them and mining for information is forcing a change in how IT workers are trained.

World's Servers Process 9.57ZB of Data a Year

In 2024, the world's business servers will annually process the digital equivalent of a stack of books extending more than 4.37 light-years to Alpha Centauri.

Apple's iMac, MacBook Pro Lines Are SSD Friendly

Apple's latest iMac and MacBook Pro line-ups are optimized to squeeze more performance from solid-state drives.

EMC's Iomega Launches NAS Storage Line for Smaller Businesses

Iomega launched a new series of desktop and rack mountable NAS devices aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses and remote offices, with a price tag for the...

Seagate Breaks 1TB per Platter Barrier

Seagate said it has broken a previous areal density benchmark with a drive line that can hold up to 1TB of data per platter.

Intel Said Set to Ship Five New SSDs, Hybrid Drive

According to a leaked roadmap, Intel plans five new SSDs by year's end, including a new chipset that will allow it to produce a hybrid drive.