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Big Data to Drive a Surveillance Society

As corporations get the power to track consumer habits with precision, surveillance becomes not only inevitable but "irresistible."

Study: Virtual Medicine as Effective as Physical Doc Visits

Results of a five-year study on telemedicine showed that patients can be treated virtually by physicians as effectively as if the patients made physical visits to the doctor's office. In another finding, the remote treatment also improved doctor-patient communications.

Seagate Updates Drives in Biggest-Ever Refresh

Seagate today announced five product refreshes that include both its solid-state drive (SSD) line and its high-performance, midrange and high-capacity hard-disk drives. The upgrades boost performance and capacity by between 50% and 100%.

Memory Chip Prices Surge in Wake of Japan's Quake

Prices for DRAM and NAND flash memory shot up by as much as 20 percent Monday amid concerns over fabrications plant shutdowns, power outages and supply shortages.

Japan Quake Could Hit Semiconductor Production, Prices

The devastating earthquake that struck Japan today could affect DRAM and NAND flash memory production, causing shortages and price hikes.

Western Digital to Buy Hitachi's Disk Storage Division for $4.3B

Western Digital announced it has entered into an agreement to buy Hitachi's hard drive subsidiary in a cash and stock deal valued at $4.3 billion.

Scientists Create Tiny Computer for Monitoring

University of Michigan researchers last month announced that they have created a millimeter-scale computing system that covers the letter N on a penny.

Will Cloud Storage Hurt 64GB iPad 2 Sales?

With consumers increasingly turning to cloud service providers for data storage needs, analysts say buyers might opt for 16GB or 32GB models instead of the 64GB model.

Remote IT Lets Docs Care for ICU Patients From a Distance

When Leo DeFault had what should have been a fatal heart attack almost three years ago, it was an alert bystander who knew CPR that kept him alive. But once he was at a community hospital, it was a critical care physician -- who was 25 miles away -- who saved his life through a remote IT system.

Intel Unveils Fast Next-Gen SATA 3.0 SSDs

Intel today announced its next line of new solid-state drives, the 510 Series, which Intel says gets 6Gbit/sec. performance.

Can Data Stored on an SSD Be Secured?

Following a recent report that data on most SSDs is very difficult to completely erase, researchers and analysts say there are really only two methods to...

Researchers Create Computer That Fits on a Pen Tip

Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a micro-computer that will first be used in medical applications.

Can Anyone Afford an IBM Watson Supercomputer? (Yes)

While Watson certainly impressed the nation with its sweeping victory on the game show Jeopardy last week, you may be surprised at the affordability of its technology.

Can Anyone Afford an IBM Watson Supercomputer? (Yes)

IBM hopes hospitals become the first to take advantage of the technology that beat Jeopardy's top players

IBM's Watson Brain Similar to Human's

IBM's Watson supercomputer has 80 percent of the processing power of the human brain.