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Google creates fix for zero-day kernel flaw, says effect on Android is greatly exaggerated

Google has developed a patch for a recently reported vulnerability in the Linux kernel and shared it with Android manufacturers.

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Privacy-conscious users rejoice: Facebook's Android app now supports Tor

Facebook has added the option to route traffic from its Android mobile app over the Tor anonymity network.

Intel Core i7

Serious flaw patched in Intel Driver Update Utility

A software utility that helps users download the latest drivers for their Intel hardware components contained a vulnerability that could have allowed man-in-the-middle attackers to execute malicious code on computers.


Advocacy group calls on health-care industry to adopt medical device security principles

Advocacy group I Am the Cavalry is urging organizations that manufacture and distribute medical devices to adopt a cybersecurity version of the Hippocratic Oath.

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Linux kernel flaw threatens millions of PCs, servers, and Android devices

A three-year-old vulnerability in the Linux kernel could have allowed attackers to take full control over Linux-based PCs, servers, Android phones and other embedded devices.

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Advantech industrial serial-to-Internet gateways wide open to unauthorized access

Specialized gateway devices made by Advantech that are used around the world in industrial environments to connect legacy serial equipment to TCP/IP and cellular networks can be accessed with any password.

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Hyatt hackers hit payment processing systems, scooped cards used at 250 locations

Hacker managed to compromise payment cards used at 250 Hyatt Hotels locations from around 50 countries after infecting the company's payment processing systems with malware.

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OpenSSH patches information leak that could expose private SSH keys

A vulnerability in OpenSSH clients could expose users' private SSH keys to rogue or compromised servers.

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Android banking malware SlemBunk is part of a well-organized campaign

The SlemBunk Android Trojan that targets mobile banking users has evolved into a hard-to-detect threat, researchers from FireEye found.

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Cisco fixes unauthorized access flaws in access points, wireless LAN controllers

Cisco Systems released critical security updates for several products, including access points and wireless LAN controllers, in order to fix vulnerabilities that could give remote attackers access to devices.

Digital Key, security, encryption

Faulty ransomware renders files unrecoverable, even by the attacker

A hacker has built a ransomware program based on proof-of-concept code released online, but messed up the implementation resulting in victims' files being completely unrecoverable.

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft fixes critical flaws in Windows, Office, Edge, IE and other products

Microsoft released critical fixes for remote code execution flaws in Windows, Office, Edge, Internet Explorer, Silverlight and Visual Basic.

Data Scientist

New remote access Trojan Trochilus used in cyberespionage operations

A cyberespionage group was found using a new remote access Trojan dubbed Trochilus whose detection rate was very low among antivirus products.

drupal 7

Drupal to secure its update process with HTTPS

Developers of the popular Drupal content management system are working to secure the software's update mechanism after a researcher found weaknesses in it.

Mozilla Firefox browser

Unlike Mozilla, Google anticipated SHA-1 errors caused by HTTPS traffic inspection systems

Unlike Mozilla, Google plans to ban only SHA-1 certificates that were issued after Jan. 1 by public certificate authorities, not self-generated ones too.