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Six Apple executives you need to know about

With Steve Jobs taking a leave of absence, these executives will become even more important.

Google Offers 'Experimental' Quick Search Box Tool for Macs

Google has released a search box tool for Macs which it believes will eventually make searching outside the browser a breeze.

Resetting the Keychain

Reader Adam Goetz has gotten himself into a passel of trouble in regard to his Mac's keychain. We writes:

Brother's Big at Expo

Printer maker Brother is at the Expo, showing off a line of Mac--compatible inkjet and laser printers. The highlights include...

Walking the Storage Beat

We've already covered many of the storage products on display at Macworld Expo, but here's a few more that I spotted while...

ITunes Store and DRM-free Music: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, Apple announced that after six years, the iTunes Store would soon completely stop selling music encumbered by...


2009 Predictions: Macworld's Annual Forecast

It's hard to believe it's already 2009, and yet here we are, the day before another Macworld Expo and another Steve Jobs...


Our Favorite IPhone Apps: Your Turn

We had our say last week, rattling off our favorite iPhone and iPod touch apps. We listed 38 apps in all that had caught our...

Our Favorite Entertainment IPhone Apps

Macworld editors select a clutch of the best entertainment apps for the iPhone.

Our Favorite IPhone Apps: Best Information Tools

There’s a big wide world out there. Fortunately, your iPhone can help you stay on top of things, courtesy of apps that keep...

Our Favorite IPhone Apps: Top Productivity Tools

One of most tantalizing possibilities posed by the arrival of native third-party apps for the iPhone and iPod touch was the...

Our Favorite IPhone Apps: The Best Communication Apps

After focusing on our favorite iPhone games, our look at the best the App Store has to offer continues with our picks for the...

Our Favorite IPhone Apps: The Best Games of 2008

We've already given out our awards for the top Mac products of 2008. Now, iPhone software gets its turn in the spotlight.

IPhone Apps Round-up: A Free Version of PCalc

PCalc RPN Calculator has already undergone a name change to boost the scientific calculator's visibility on the App Store. Now...

Apple Releases Security Updates for Tiger

Apple on Monday issued security updates for OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger). There are separate updates for PowerPC and Intel versions of...