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Save Mail Messages in Text Files

You can, of course, save the contents of a Mail mailbox as an archive. But the messages in those archives can only be read if you import the archive back into...

A Month With the IPad: Surprises and Disappointments

Given the amount of hype that preceded the iPad’s release, it’s hard to believe that it would bear any great surprises not touted by Apple or that it could...

Sleep Your Screen With a Script

Sometimes it'd be nice to be able to put just your Mac's display to sleep, without knocking out the entire machine. For example, say you've scheduled a backup...

Optimize Wireless Reception From a Distance

Ever need to optimize the reception at a specific point on a wireless network? If so, the following tip from reader ALT147 could help.

DVD-ripping FAQs

Whenever we write about applications such as HandBrake or RipIt, we get comments asking about whether ripping your DVDs to enjoy in a different format is OK to...

Apple Tweaks OS X 10.6.3 With Stability Update

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.3 v1.1, what is essentially an update to its recent update for Snow Leopard. It contains a typical round of stability...


Apple Reveals the New IPhone OS 4.0

Apple previewed its new updated operating system for the iPhon


7 Features We'd Like Apple to Add in IPhone OS 4.0

With all the sound and fury over Apple's latest creation, the iPhone may have begun to seem like the Jan Brady to the iPad's Marcia. But Apple deftly followed up...