Apple iPad in Action: Is it Just an Oversized iPod Touch?

Jason Snell, Macworld's Editorial Director, demonstrates some of the iPad's features and apps, including Marvel Comic's new app.


Macworld Expo: Keyboard Shortcut Tools

We take a look at tools that give you easy access to shortcuts: a set of iPhone apps and a silicon keyboard cover.

Macworld Expo: HDMI for iMacs and a Pico Laser Projector

We look at a pico projector that uses a laser to create the image, and an HDMI adapter for iMacs.


Macworld Expo: Digital Pens and Input Devices

Digitally write on your screen in real time, and turn your MacBook trackpad into a tablet.


Macworld Expo: Easy Camera or iPhone Charging; A Tiny Ruggedized Hard Drive

At Macworld Expo, we checked out an AC wall plug that includes two USB sockets to charge your camera or iPhone, and Verbatim's tiny ruggedized hard drive.

Macworld Expo Gems: iPhone Credit Card Reader; Personalized Cases and Apps

Let us show you the iPhone case with a built-in credit-card reader, an groovy music app, and a way to customize your iPhone case.


iPhone Apps to Help Navigate Macworld Expo

Macworld suggests a few apps that'll help you navigate San Francisco as well as the Mac-centric conference.


Macworld's 2009 App Gems Awards

In this second part of Macworld's 2009 App Gems Awards, Jason Snell and Phillip Michaels take a look at 15 of the best apps for the iPhone.

Best Games of 2009 for the iPhone: Macworld's 2009 App Gems Awards

Macworld editors describe the five iPhone and iPod Touch games they've chosen as the best of 2009.

Macworld Releases AppGems for iPhone

Too many iPhone apps to choose from? Having a hard time finding the good ones? Let the Macworld editors suggest great apps for you.

Macworld Expo: Best of Show

Macworld Editors announce the best products of the 2008 show.

It's Leopard Time!

Take a look at the new features of Apple's new operating system.