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Most Printers Used for Photos

Nearly 90 percent of all printer users mainly use their printers to print out photos and printers, a poll suggests.

New to the Mac? Get Macworld's New to Mac Newsletter

New to the Mac? Welcome to the Mac world. Things probably look a little strange around here. There's no Start menu down at the bottom of the screen. Menus stay...

Macworld on choosing the right Mac

You'd think that it would be easy to pick a Mac computer--after all, there are only six product lines (three desktop, three laptop) to consider. Unlike with PC...

Gear Guide: For Your Entertainment

Shopping for someone who loves movies, music, or TV? (Who isn't?) Here are eight suggestions for Mac-friendly gear they'll love


Mac User Gear Guide

Shopping for someone who owns a Mac this year? We've got a few suggestions, from laptop decals to a smartpen that records audio.

Gear Guide: For Mac Users

Shopping for someone who owns a Mac this year? We've got a few suggestions, from laptop decals to a smartpen that records audio

The New MacBook Air: A Hands-On Look

Here's a visual look at how the new MacBook Air compares to previous models and to regular MacBooks.

Apple to Give iPhone 4 Users Free Cases

Apple will give iPhone 4 users a free case for their smartphones to help them with antenna and reception problems.


Automatically Log out Idle Users

OS X's Fast User Switching makes it easy for multiple users to share one Mac. But it does have one flaw: If several users log in but then don't log out, you can...

Filter Text With Shell Commands

The bash shell has a bunch of commands for processing text--things like sort (which can sort lines in a text file), tr (which you can use to convert uppercase to...

iPad Sales Hit 200,000 Per Week

Early estimates also suggest Apple could sell 23 million next-generation iPhones globally.


Show Flagged Messages on Your Desktop

Flagging messages in Mail is an easy way to mark them for follow-up. But it's also easy to forget to check your Flagged folder in Mail. reader...

Essential IPad Apps: Nine Free Favorites

Our look at iPad apps that deserve a place on your device started out with the best apps money can buy--11 essential iPad offerings that are among our favorite...

Gallery: iPad Cases and Bags Galore

Curious about the options out there for protecting your new iPad? Here's a look at some of the bags and cases on the way.

Essential IPad Apps: 11 Paid Favorites

Your iPad decisions don't stop once you've settled on either the 3G iPad or the Wi-Fi-only model. There's also the not-insignificant question of what apps...