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Grocery IQ and Shopper for IPhone

Editor's Note: iPhone and iPod touch users need never want for shopping list applications. The App Store offers some two dozen...


Face-time With IPhoto '09's Faces Feature

iLife '09 hit retail shelves this past week, bringing with it perhaps one of the most anticipated additions to the suite of...

NI Releases Acoustic Refractions Soundpack

Native Instruments on Monday introduced a new Kore Soundpack called Acoustic Refractions.

25 Years of the Mac

It seems like only yesterday that Macworld released its first issue, with a youthful, besuited Steve Jobs peering over a trio...

The Best Mac Ever

Editor's Note: The 25th anniversary of the Mac is bound to spark debates, particularly when it comes down to the ultimate...

Intel's Classmate Laptop Due in UK

The redesigned, child-friendly, low-cost laptop is dubbed 'Otomo' for its distribution in the UK.

McDSP Unveils the Retro Pack Audio Plug-ins

Plug-in-maker McDSP released a new plug-in pack that allows users to mix and master their recorded music.

Steve Jobs' E-mail to Apple Employees

Here's the text of Steve Jobs' letter to Apple employees, posted on Apple's Web site Wednesday:

Six Apple executives you need to know about

With Steve Jobs taking a leave of absence, these executives will become even more important.

Google Offers 'Experimental' Quick Search Box Tool for Macs

Google has released a search box tool for Macs which it believes will eventually make searching outside the browser a breeze.

Resetting the Keychain

Reader Adam Goetz has gotten himself into a passel of trouble in regard to his Mac's keychain. We writes:

Brother's Big at Expo

Printer maker Brother is at the Expo, showing off a line of Mac--compatible inkjet and laser printers. The highlights include...

Walking the Storage Beat

We've already covered many of the storage products on display at Macworld Expo, but here's a few more that I spotted while...

ITunes Store and DRM-free Music: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, Apple announced that after six years, the iTunes Store would soon completely stop selling music encumbered by...


2009 Predictions: Macworld's Annual Forecast

It's hard to believe it's already 2009, and yet here we are, the day before another Macworld Expo and another Steve Jobs...