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Macworld Expo: HDMI for iMacs and a Pico Laser Projector

We look at a pico projector that uses a laser to create the image, and an HDMI adapter for iMacs.


Thursday at Macworld Expo 2010

Macworld 2010 opened with a packed expo floor, unique presentations, and cool Mac gadgets

Dan-and-DaveCast 2010

Following in the footsteps of last year's wildly popular DanCast, which featured Macworld editors, Dan Miller, Dan Frakes, and Dan Moren, we now present the...

Macworld Expo: Digital Pens and Input Devices

Digitally write on your screen in real time, and turn your MacBook trackpad into a tablet.


Macworld Expo: Easy Camera or iPhone Charging; A Tiny Ruggedized Hard Drive

At Macworld Expo, we checked out an AC wall plug that includes two USB sockets to charge your camera or iPhone, and Verbatim's tiny ruggedized hard drive.

Macworld Expo Gems: iPhone Credit Card Reader; Personalized Cases and Apps

Let us show you the iPhone case with a built-in credit-card reader, an groovy music app, and a way to customize your iPhone case.


iPhone Apps to Help Navigate Macworld Expo

Macworld suggests a few apps that'll help you navigate San Francisco as well as the Mac-centric conference.


Hands On With the iPad

Unlike the iPhone, which Apple kept under such tight guard at its introduction that only a few special types got to touch it for a few minutes, there were iPads...

Photos From Apple's IPad Event

Apple announced its latest product, the iPad, in San Francisco this morning. This is a collection of photographs Macworld took at the much anticipated event

E-book Readers Invade Las Vegas

Besides 3D HDTV, e-book readers were everywhere on the show floor at CES. It remains to be seen which one will stand out from the crowd, but there will be plenty...

Experiencing 3D TV First-hand

There's been a lot of talk lately about 3D TV, what with the Blu-ray Disc Association finalizing its 3D spec and the HDMI Consortium preparing to add 3D support...

Macworld at CES: Products Catching Our Eye

The International Consumer Electronics Show is a massive event--showcasing tens of thousands of products--making it difficult for the press to cover. Thankfully...


Logitech Announces Speaker Lapdesk

The Macworld story, "Logitech announces Speaker Lapdesk," which posted to the newswire Tuesday, has been removed from the wire because it was erroneously...

2009 in Review: The Year in Business Center

We spent most of 2009 listening to an unending stream of information about the world's financial crisis. But not all the news was bad for Mac businesses. Here...

Macworld's 2009 App Gems Awards

In this second part of Macworld's 2009 App Gems Awards, Jason Snell and Phillip Michaels take a look at 15 of the best apps for the iPhone.