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Wall Street Beat: Turmoil Continues Despite Tech Sales Gains

Though Cisco earnings indicate that vendors are enjoying a recovery, market volatility shows that IT investors are still nervous about the future.

Wall Street Beat: Panic Weighs on Tech Gains

Macroeconomic clouds darkened the horizon for IT investors this week, even though financial results suggest technology is on the road to recovery.

Wall Street Beat: Mobile Market Hot as Tech Stays Strong

Though the bulk of tech vendors have already reported results, there was plenty of earnings news to keep IT investors excited.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Earnings Shine

The torrent of quarterly earnings reports continued to pour in this week, with results that for the most part are well above a year ago.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Earnings Season off to Roaring Start

Strong quarterly results plus optimistic market-research reports are leading to a growing sense of confidence in the tech sector.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Makes Gains in First Quarter

An uptick in sales for bellwether vendors and rosy forecasts for the rest of 2010 have continued to fuel the recovery in technology stocks.

Wall Street Beat: Enterprise Software Sales Look Strong

Financial reports and earnings forecasts this week indicate that sales across a range of technology products are recovering from the Great Recession.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Pushes Nasdaq to 18-month High

Growing confidence has pushed the value of IT company shares up to levels not seen in a year-and-a-half.

Wall Street Beat: Nasdaq Milestones Offer Lessons for Tech

The tech sector passed two poignant market anniversaries this week on its way to what investors and vendors hope will be a sustainable recovery.

Wall Street Beat: Expectations Rise for Hardware, Chips

Upbeat reports about chips, PCs and mobile devices helped strengthen confidence in the sector this week.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Earnings, Forecasts Mixed

Vendor earnings and tech industry forecasts were mixed this week, shaking IT investor confidence.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Vendors Issue Upbeat Sales Reports

Doubts about economic recovery have sent markets on a rollercoaster ride, but the IT sector is becoming increasingly dynamic.

Wall Street Beat: Economy Weighs on Tech

Though some tech bellwethers have reported relatively strong sales, concerns about the pace of economic recovery have shaken confidence.

Wall Street Beat: Economic Concerns Shadow Tech Profits

Tumult in the markets shows that IT investors still have big concerns about lingering weak spots in sales and the continued stability of the macro economy.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Earnings Stay Strong

A tsunami of fourth-quarter earnings reports this week is reinforcing widespread belief that the IT sector is set for a rebound this year.