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Marco Tabini is based in Toronto, Canada, where he focuses on software development for mobile devices and for the Web.

Apple Inks IPad Deal With Largest Independent Publisher

I hope you're not hanging on to all that Amazon stock: according to The New York Times, Apple has signed a deal with Perseus Books, a large independent book...

FoxTrot Creator Takes Jab at iPad Flash Policy

Steve Jobs makes a cameo in the comic pages for a geeky ribbing over iPhone policies.

Microsoft Pulls Bing App From Non-U.S. App Stores

The iPhone app for Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has been pulled from all international App Stores, according to However, it remains available for...


Washing Machine 2 Scrubs Browser Leftovers

Have you ever worried what could be learned about your Internet habits just by taking a look at the information that your browser leaves on your hard drive?

MacUpdate Bundle Offers Parallels, Other Apps for $50

Fancy a bundle? MacUpdate has announced the release of its Promo Spring Bundle 2010, which includes 10 different Mac apps for the low, low price of $50.

PayPal App Now Lets You 'bump to Send Money'

Popular payment provider PayPal has released an updated version of its iPhone app that introduces a number of new features. Most interesting is the integration...


Apple Releases Digital Camera Raw Update 3.1

Apple has released Digital Camera Raw update 3.1, which renders both Aperture 3 and iPhoto '09 compatible with eleven new cameras from seven different...

ITunes Reaches 10 Billion Song Milestone

The iTunes Store reached a historical milestone on Wednesday when the ten billionth song (you read it correctly--that's ten followed by nine zeroes) was...

DevonThink 2.0 Adds Smart Tagging, More

Devon Technologies has released version 2.0 of its document- and note-organizing products, DevonThink and DevonNote.

U.S. ITC to Investigate Apple Claims Against Nokia

It's a busy time for the good people at the U.S. International Trade Commission, which, on Friday, announced that it will investigate recent claims by Apple's...


App Store Launches in 13 New Countries

App Store developers will now be able to reach customers in 13 new countries, according to an announcement on the iPhone Developer Program news page.


Apple Announces MacBook Hard Drive Repair Program

A "small percentage" of MacBook owners whose hard drives fail will be eligible for a free replacement under a warranty extension announced by Apple this week.

Analyst: Amazon's E-book Market Share Could Plummet

Sorry, Amazon, we have some bad news for you.

BlackBerry Maker Frets About Bandwidth Crunch

The high bandwidth usage of smartphones could bring about a "capacity crunch" on worldwide networks that can only be solved by a more conscientious approach to...


Are Publishers Finding IBookstore Terms Hard to Swallow?

Magazine and newspaper publishers are reportedly encountering difficulties in negotiating with Apple to bring their periodicals to the iBookstore, which Steve...