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Marco Tabini is based in Toronto, Canada, where he focuses on software development for mobile devices and for the Web.

Rocketbox Enhances Mail's Search Capabilities

Central Atomics's Rocketbox integrates with Apple Mail to provide several advanced search-and-retrieval features to OS X's beloved e-mail client.

Readdle Updates Docs Apps to Version 2

Ukraine-based Readdle has released an update to ReaddleDocs, its document sharing and viewing app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 2.0 of the app...


Accessory Turns IPhone Into the Mother of All Remotes

A Florida-based company has announced the upcoming availability of a hardware add-on that turns any iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote for your home.


Apple Victory in IPod Hearing Lawsuit Upheld

The US Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit has upheld a lower-court ruling that found that iPods do not pose an undue risk of hearing damage.

Amazon: E-book Sales Surpass Paper on Christmas Day

With so much enthusiasm—aided by a good dose of marketing and technological evolution—surrounding e-book readers, it was bound to happen sooner or later: sales...

MacBU Wraps up 2009, Explains Messenger Delays

While you were sleeping through the past 12 months, Microsoft would like you to know that its Mac Business Unit (MacBU--or Mac Boo!, if you prefer) had quite a...

IPhone 3G Tops Nielsen Mobile Device List

The iPhone 3G has been crowned the most-used mobile phone in the U.S. in a top-ten list recently published by market research-company Nielsen.


Firmware Update Addresses 27-inch IMac Flickering

Apple has released a new graphics firmware update that corrects video-flickering and image corruption problems with the latest 27-inch iMacs.

Barnes & Noble Offers $100 Gift Certificates for Nook Delays

Perhaps recognizing that a missed Christmas delivery could lead to much customer dissatisfaction--not to mention bad publicity--Barnes & Noble has informed...

Survey of Japanese Phone Owners Confuses Media Over IPhone

Widespread reports that the iPhone has grabbed a dominant market share position in Japan may be a bit premature.


Apple Issues Mail Services Update for Snow Leopard Servers

If you use the server edition of Snow Leopard, you will want to take note of a couple of updates recently issued by Apple. The first one is a 21MB patch that...


Microsoft's Bing Now Available in IPhone App Form

Microsoft's new Bing app makes its debut in the App Store on Wednesday, bringing the many facets of Web search supported by the company's Bing search engine to...


MobileMe IDisk App Update Brings Faster Downloads, Bug Fixes

Apple updated its MobileMe iDisk application for the iPhone to version 1.1 on Tuesday, adding some new features and resolving existing issues.

Namebench Helps You Find the Fastest DNS

How good is your Domain Name System provider? A newly-released utility, called Namebench, is designed to help users answer that specific question and optimize...

Apple Countersues Nokia Over 13 Patents

Apple announced on Friday that it is countersuing Nokia in yet another ongoing patent dispute.