Use RightNow to Track Twitter and YouTube Comments

Analysis: Company expects to see support for other social networks, such as Facebook and Digg, in the future.

Panda Unveils Free Security Service

Consumers can download a free "thin client" for Windows desktops that pulls the latest anti-malware updates from Panda servers online.

Windows Azure: Microsoft Banks on Programmer Loyalty

Microsoft is hoping to lure loyal programmers to its Windows Azure environment.

Can You Trust This Blog?

Analysis: Buying bloggers' endorsements cheapens their critiques to the point of uselessness -- if anybody knows.

How President Obama's BlackBerry Threatens History

Many people have applauded the President for keeping his smart phone. But I worry about what it means for future generations.

The Cool Side of Cloud Computing

Ignore the SaaS naysayers and doom-and-gloom dark cloud crowd -- here's the sunny side of cloud computing.