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Mark Gibbs is an author, journalist, and man of mystery. His writing for Network World is widely considered to be vastly underpaid. For more than 30 years, Gibbs has advised on and developed product and service marketing for many businesses and he has consulted, lectured, and authored numerous articles and books about networking, information technology, and the social and political issues surrounding them. His complete bio can be found at


How we sabotage our own privacy for deals and ego

A study from consulting firm Infosys shows consumers globally are far more relaxed about sharing their private data than we knew and far more relaxed than they should be

Terahertz Scanners, Drugs, and Shoes

A new technology will make it ridiculously easy to see if you are carrying or have consumed drugs or touched or have explosives on you.

Cell Service: Bogus Charges and Limitations

Gibbs ponders how the cell carriers gouge us for a few extra cents.

Is Your Boss an Idiot?

Incompetent bosses don't know enough to know they don't know enough ... that's why the wrong people get hired and $#!+ doesn't get done.

Malware Gets Snoopy

Cyber espionage is coming of age but the problem with weapons like Stuxnet is that they will be used against us.

Microsoft: Too Old and Too Big to Survive?

Microsoft is making lots of weird decisions; has the company reached its dotage?

The Government Wants to Know What It Doesn't Know

The government's increasing surveillance of us should make you very uneasy because they're determined to know what they don't know, whether you like it or not.

Proposal: Open Source Life, Not Death Sentence, for Windows XP

Analysis: Microsoft is pushing some stalwart products onto extended support, but instead of shutting out Windows XP, why not set it free?

Five Geek Projects

Five cool geek projects that could change your life. Or at the very least get you excited.