Mark GibbsContributing Editor, Network World

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Mark Gibbs is an author, journalist, and man of mystery. His writing for Network World is widely considered to be vastly underpaid. For more than 30 years, Gibbs has advised on and developed product and service marketing for many businesses and he has consulted, lectured, and authored numerous articles and books about networking, information technology, and the social and political issues surrounding them. His complete bio can be found at

Can Good Digital Citizenship be Taught?

The concept that the Internet parallels the real world and participation comes with certain ethical, moral and legal obligations isn't coming through for some of the digital generation.

Hands-On: Wireless Video Surveillance System

The Avaak Vuezone Personal Video Network, a battery-powered video surveillance system, has some good ideas and some annoying flaws.

Ebook Readers: Nails in Old School Publishing's Coffin

Based on real-world testing, here's how the Barnes and Noble Nook compares to the Alex e-book reader.

Who Will Kill Net Neutrality?

Even if the carriers aren't explicitly agreeing to all do the same thing, the fact that they are, actually, all doing the same thing -- and it's not in the consumer's interest -- should raise all sorts of red flags.