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productivity tablet android

How to buy the best productivity-focused Android, iOS, or Windows tablet

Avoid the low-cost throwaways. We'll help you find a quality device with the features you'll need day in and day out.

win phone hand main

Microsoft Lumia 950 review: Continuum makes it the first flagship for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft combines Windows 10 Mobile, its amazing Continuum technology, and an excellent Lumia camera into the first flagship smartphone it's produced in many months.

Windows 10 Mobile Continuum PowerPoint

Windows 10 Mobile review: Next-gen Windows Phones focus on unique features to double down on productivity

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Mobile as a free upgrade to both older Windows Phones as well as its new Lumia 950 and 950XL flagship phones. Continuum, Windows Hello, and Microsoft's own apps are why you should consider this increasingly niche OS.

microsoft graph

Microsoft's Graph wants to turn user data into business intelligence it can sell

Microsoft Graph aggregates everything that you give it permission to and provides that context to apps, including those written by Microsoft as well as third parties.

nxoe games store

Microsoft hopes you'll think its 'New Xbox One Experience' is like getting a new console

Microsoft's New Xbox One Experience combines a somewhat lackluster UI with excellent game streaming and a potential new market in older Xbox 360 games.

Microsoft New Xbox One Experience NXOE Friends

Microsoft's New Xbox One Experience revamps the Xbox One for Windows 10

The New Xbox One Experience or NXOE will begin rolling out to Xbox One owners soon. Here's a preview of the new look of the Xbox One.

new windows 10 logo primary

Microsoft releases a Windows 10 'November update' with a smarter Cortana and more

Microsoft's first major update for Windows 10, the "November update," rolls out Thursday. Here are new features that made it worth the wait.

box for windows 10 app

Microsoft, Box co-develop Windows 10 app with deep Office ties

Microsoft continued its partnerships with cloud providers via a partnership with Box an a universal Windows 10 app.

new xbox one experience Microsoft NXOE

The New Xbox One Experience plays favorites, allowing titles from Xbox 360 but not the PC

PC gamers cry foul play at the restrictions of NXOE, but all Xbox executive Mike Ybarra would say is, "it's something that we should look into."

mileiq pc and phone

Why Microsoft bought maker of MileIQ Android-iOS app: For the data, as much as the app

Microsoft buys Mobile Data Labs, the developer of top iOS mileage tracking app MileIQ. The goal may not be a Windows app, but data collection.

thinkstockphotos 100038821

Microsoft's Excel team talks Visual Basic vs. JavaScript and Mac woes in Reddit AMA

Microsoft's Excel team takes to Reddit to answer questions and reassure users that yes, you can open up more than one Excel window at the same time.

skype share button

Microsoft tries social media again with Skype sharing and Sway blogging

Microsoft's social media track record is abysmal, but these subtler takes could ease users into using Skype and Sway as social tools.

surface book surface pro 4 Microsoft

Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 4, Surface Book update addresses screen flicker issue

Microsoft has released a hardware update that is designed to solve graphics glitches that have affected some Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book owners.

vivaldi home

Vivaldi beta browser's trick to lure in power users: Mashing Chrome and Opera together

If you imagine Opera built on top of Chrome, you'll have a decent idea of what the new Vivaldi browser beta is like.

avast 2016 logo

Avast's 2016 security solutions pack in the free features

Avast launches Avast 2016 for PCs as well as Avast Mobile Security. Both include a ton of free features: Avast 2016 adds a free password manager ad an updated SafeZone browser.