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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's pricey Surface Book is getting stomped by the ancient Surface Pro 3

Microsoft customers have overwhelmingly adopted the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4, according to new data released by AdDuplex, while the pricier Surface Book garners just a small slice of market share.

zapier 1

Zapier's automation tools integrate with Excel to make spreadsheets less tedious

The company uses IFTTT-like recipes to help automate everyday tasks like filling out Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, with the goal of saving time (and employee sanity) within businesses.

xbox one s

Microsoft keeps making this Xbox mistake: Pushing the platform, and not the games

It's the content that makes the platform, not the hardware. But you wouldn't know that from Microsoft's E3 keynote, which focused on Xbox rather than fresh, unique, compelling games.

xbox s 2

Microsoft confirms a slimmer Xbox One S for August at $299

The Xbox One S will boast more storage, support for 4K video, and even more internal storage. AMD will also continue supplying the chip, the company confirmed.

xbox play anywhere

What Xbox Play Anywhere really means: A cheerful rebranding of the UWP apps old-school gamers hate

Virtually all of the games Microsoft launched during its E3 presentation will be UWP apps that you can play on the PC or Xbox One. The catch is, Microsoft will control everything, meaning no mods or tweaks in the grand PC-gaming tradition.

apple siri macos sierra search

Siri wins this round: How Apple's digital assistant made Cortana look bad at WWDC

Apple is moving Siri to the Mac this fall, where the macOS Sierra release will pit Apple's digital assistant against Cortana. Microsoft is going to get a run for its money, it appears.

linkedin in one image

Why Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion, in one word: Cortana

Why did Microsoft buy LinkedIn for $26 billion? Turning Cortana into a powerful business assistant: check out this image from Microsoft's investor presentation, which sums it all up.

Motorola OneCompute

Hands on: The OneCompute Moto Mod could turn your Android phone into your PC

Motorola's OneCompute could be the best solution we've seen yet for bringing Android to the desktop. And if this prototype Moto Mod looks a lot like Windows 10's Continuum to you, you know why Microsoft might be nervous.

moto z front back combo

Moto Mod snap-on modules turn the Moto Z into a convertible smartphone

In a world of increasingly similar smartphones, Lenovo has set out to do something different: It has launched the Moto Z and Z Force with a modular connector that allows 'mods' to pump up hardware capabilities.

xbox one windows

Microsoft puts its DVR plans for the Xbox One on hold

Microsoft may not be killing off its plans to record live TV, but it's at least passing them over in favor of other ideas.

opera battery saving icon

Opera's battery-saving browser update is a must for low-end PCs or tablets

Opera touts its new battery-saving technology as a feature that will help you browse the Web longer, but its real advantage is for PCs that are long in the tooth.

T-Mobile Tuesdays app

The T-Mobile Tuesdays #getthanked app gets tanked, depriving customers of their freebies

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 11 promo fails to deliver and the company says high demand for the app is the problem.

facebook overwatch

Ugh, Blizzard games will begin asking you to log in to Facebook to stream them

Sorry, Twitch. Move over, YouTube. Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II will be among the games that you can watch friends play over Facebook.

t mobiler legere outside

T-Mobile offers free stock, pizza, movie rentals, and more in latest Uncarrier promotion

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 11 promotion thanks its customers with free Dominos, free frosties, even a free ticket to Warcraft—some of which will happen every Tuesday.

Xbox One new game collection

Microsoft's Xbox One begins previewing Anniversary Updates, with Cortana and improved sharing

Microsoft will begin previewing its Anniversary Update features for the Xbox One and Windows 10 Xbox app as early as this week, with Cortana as well as new and improved ways to share game clips and other content.