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4 leaked Microsoft apps reveal an exciting, intelligent future for productivity

Thanks to a Twitter leaker, a new wave of Microsoft productivity apps shows themselves, including a stripped-down version of OneNote and an Office version of Cortana.

new ways to get more done in 1

Microsoft begins to update with add-ins, Clutter, more

Remember the add-ins that Microsoft began pushing at its Build conference? They're just beginning to roll out.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Happy birthday, Surface Pro 3! But you're not the future any more

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 turned one year old this week. But instead of celebrating, we should be wondering when a Windows 10 Surface phone will take its place.

microsoft windows holographic 3d minecraft

Microsoft taps 'Mass Effect' visionary Casey Hudson to oversee HoloLens, Xbox games

Hudson, who's worked on the games "Mass Effect" and "Star Wars:The Old Republic," will likely be tasked with convincing third-party studios to create HoloLens games.

pirate flag pirates piracy

It's official: Windows 10 will not be free for pirates

Sorry, if you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you'll need an authentic, genuine version of either Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, Microsoft said Friday.

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Hands on: Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 leaps forward in productivity, fun

While it's still far from perfect, Microsoft's first official "Windows 10 Mobile" build adds Office and Xbox apps, and previews its latest music and movies apps.

windows 10 for phones

Major Windows 10 phone build adds Office apps, new Store, Music, Xbox apps

Build 10080 of Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones is a big one, with numerous apps, including Office, added to the phone.

microsoft hyperlapse demo aug 2014

Microsoft's time-accelerating Hyperlapse tech is now an app for Windows phones, Android

Move over, Instagram. You can now shoot smooth, accelerated videos with your Windows or Android phone.

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Microsoft: Cortana will appear just in 'select markets' at Windows 10 launch

It's one thing to translate dialog boxes, another thing to translate speech on the fly, as Cortana must. So it's not surprise the personal digital assistant will have a limited initial release with Windows 10.

windows 10 number

Microsoft announces Windows 10 versions for consumer and business, but pricing remains murky

The company detailed versions for consumers and business, but important details about eventual pricing remain unspecified. Consumers don't have to worry, though; it's free, free, free.

comcast xfinity gigabit router

Oops! Comcast Gigabit Pro pricing leaked before company pulled down site

Surprisingly, the price Comcast appears to be charging for its 2-gigabit service isn't that expensive.

windows 10 for phones

New Windows 10 build 10080 for phones could arrive this week

Microsoft's Gabe Aul has said it's coming but hasn't provided any other information. We're all waiting with bated breath for Continuum, though.

elbrus russian pc processor

Russia's homegrown Elbrus processor and PC would be fantastic in 1999

Move over, Intel's Pentium III. Russia's Elbrus 4C microprocessor is here, and it's ready to kick some American tail.

Gordon Moore Intel

Gordon Moore is still amazed at how Moore's Law shaped the tech industry

"We’ve just seen the beginning of what computers are going to do for us,” Moore said, from free Internet services to self-driving cars.

fixstars 6 tb ssd crop

This 6TB Fixstars SSD could be the last hard drive you'll need for a good long while

Japanese drive maker Fixstars says it will release a 6TB drive by this summer, pushing SSD capacity points to dizzying heights.