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As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. He has formerly written for PCMag, BYTE, Slashdot, eWEEK, and ReadWrite.

bmw m2

Report: Intel plans to make the Core i7 the brains behind self-driving cars

After committing $250 million to self-driving cars earlier this month, it appears Intel is joining forces with Delphi and ex-Tesla partner Mobileye.

outlook real time onedrive gif

Update to Office 365 eliminates the hassle of large attachments in Outlook

Microsoft has made public a small collection of its November updates for Office 365, including many collaborative features.

facebook news feed game

Facebook Instant Games puts games right smack in the middle of News Feed, Messenger

Facebook has launched Facebook Instant Games, placing social games directly within its News Feed and Messenger app and tacitly discouraging users from turning to other mobile games and third-party chat services.

hearthstone blog image

Hearthstone fans now have a dedicated Skype chat room to challenge its best players

Microsoft has teamed up with Blizzard for the Skype Hearthstone Academy, bringing back the concept of a digital chat room for fans.

facebook logo crop

Just how partisan is Facebook's fake news? We tested it

Using fake Facebook accounts, we discovered that the content Facebook shows conservatives and liberals is significantly different, with far more spin and fake news pushed at Trump supporters.

cortana add shampoo to my shopping list

Windows 10's Cortana now makes it easy to list who's naughty or nice

Microsoft has made list-making in Windows 10 and Wunderlist a lot easier, thanks to integration with its Cortana digital assistant.

Worst holiday gift ever

The 7 worst tech gifts you absolutely shouldn't buy this holiday

Any site can tell you the best tech gifts to buy. But before you get too creative (or too cheap), read this list to find out what not to buy.

xbox clubs

Xbox Holiday Update rolls out, bringing Clubs, Group invites and more to Xbox One

Microsoft is beefing up its Xbox One social environment with a slew of new enhancements for connecting with friends online.

Alcatel Idol 4S

Review: The Alcatel Idol 4S launches Windows phones into the VR generation

The Alcatel Idol 4S is the first Windows phone specifically designed for virtual reality, sporting outstanding battery life and top-flight performance.

windows 10 toolbar ad

Here we go again: Microsoft's popping up ads from the Windows 10 taskbar

Microsoft appears to be sneakily reinstating Windows 10 ads without explicit user permission. Weren't we done with all this?

intel voke

Intel doubles down on VR sports with Voke purchase

Intel clearly sees VR sports as a thing, as it's acquired its second company in the space, called Voke.

Microsoft Teams

Hands-on: Microsoft Teams brings the best and worst of Office to team-building

Microsoft's new Slack-killer, Teams, swaps simplicity for rich interactions with colleagues that take advantage of the Office app suite.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo

Microsoft seems ready to give up on Windows phones, if not Windows 10 Mobile

With Windows phone market share stagnant at 1 percent, it may not be surprising to hear Microsoft's Windows and Devices chief Terry Myerson broaden the vision for Windows 10 Mobile to unspecified "devices" with ARM chips and cellular connections.

Lenovo productivity modules

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Tablet modules add features but limit functionality

We go hands-on with Lenovo's two of three add-on hardware modules for the ThinkPad X1 Tablet, and find one's a winner.

mozilla firefox logo

Mozilla promises a next-gen Firefox engine that will deliver huge improvements

Mozilla says the new Project Quantum engine at the heart of its Mozilla web browser will be "blazing fast," both for web browsing as well as apps.