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8 Top Applespeak Marketing Slogans

The consumer electronics powerhouse remains committed to portmanteaus, puns, creative miss-spellings and has a habit of using verbs as nouns.


Opinion: Why We're Doing a Twitter House Cleaning

Its time to clean up our Twitter account. We'd like to know what you think.

First Look: BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM has launched its iPad-rival, the BlackBerry Playbook, at the Adobe Max conference. Macworld got our first look at the device.

Sneak an iPad from the USA to the UK

Impatient British iPad fans are turning to unofficial couriers for their tablet fix.


Best Buy Set to Open First Store in UK

Best Buy, one of the largest electrical retailers in the US, is finally going to open its first store in the UK. A

Will the Next iPhone Come in HD?

Rumors claim that Apple is readying a new iPhone model, dubbed the iPhone HD, with a screen that offers twice the resolution.


Apple Now Shipping iPads

Reports claim that Apple is now shipping iPads to those who placed orders on the first day, but UPS is under strict orders to hold the devices until April 3.


Apple's Senior Director for iPhone Resigns

Bob Borchers, Apple's senior director of worldwide product marketing for the iPhone and host of Apple's iPhone video tutorials, is joining a venture capital firm.


An iPhone 3GS by Any Other Name

In a rare move for Apple, the company has quietly altered the spelling of it latest device.


Picked Apart: Dissecting the iPhone 3G S

Taking apart a brand new iPhone 3G S

Cool iPhone App for Kids: Shape Builder

Shape Builder's virtual jigsaw motif helps preschoolers learn by moving blocks to solve puzzles.


iPhone Patent Hints at Videoconferencing

An iPhone patent filed by Apple details motion control and a front facing iSight on a future model of the iPhone.


Microsoft Reveals Live Mesh for Mac

Microsoft is gearing up to take on Apple's MobileMe with a Mac version of its Live Mesh file synching service.

OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7

Microsoft and Apple are set to battle each other with both their respected upcoming operating systems. Microsoft is prepping Windows 7 and Apple is working on OS X Snow Leopard.