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TechHive's Wireless Week: Testing America's networks

We performed more than 18,000 tests of the major wireless services in 20 U.S. cities. Our goal? To name the nation's wireless-network winners and losers.


How we tested the nation's networks

Our approach to testing wireless service has always been to closely replicate how people use wireless service in the real world, and then measure how well it really works. That’s why we do the testing ourselves.

Is Google your next cable company?

The company has now confirmed it will sell super-fast Internet and TV service in three cities, and seems poised to expand the service to more.


AT&T’s MiFi Liberate: Impressive speed, battery life

The touchscreen is just OK, and suggested media center functions left me unimpressed, but you can’t argue with high speeds and long battery life.

The best Boston marathon video was shot by amateurs

Boston Marathon bystanders uploaded smartphone footage of Monday's bombings to social networks with the help of Vine and YouTube.


Taxes Piggybank

How much tax do big tech companies pay?

U.S. tech companies routinely use clever accounting and offshore holdings to reduce their tax bills, in some cases dramatically.


Counter service is going the way of the Dodo

Businesses are beginning to use mobile devices and apps to remove the large piece of furniture between service reps and customers.

Hands on with Facebook's new News Feed

Mark Sullivan went to Facebook and got a glimpse at the service's new News Feed. Here's a hands-on look.


Facebook turns News Feed into 'personalized newspaper'

As expected on Thursday, Facebook announced a major overhaul to its News Feed that will now offer users customizable feeds that present specialized posts.


Ingenious battery adapter lets a phone control anything powered by AA batteries

The small device, called Tethercell, fits around the battery in your device, like a baby monitor, and switches it on and off upon commands given from a mobile app.


CamMe on iPhone 5

Gesture controls coming soon to your phone or tablet

Phone and tablet users soon will be furiously waving their hands in front of their screens to control their device.


AirPlug combines LTE, Wi-Fi to offer super speeds

The Korea Telecom-developed app isn’t available in the US, but hopefully some variant of it will show up here in the future.


Wireless smartphone charging: only one standard needed

Two leading groups of device makers, chipmakers, and wireless providers each push very similar flavors of the same technology. But consumers need only one.

Hands on with the new Acer Liquid Z2 smartphone

Acer’s entrant in the “budget phone” class has a nice looking display, room for two SIM cards, and an underpowered processor.


Wireless operators turn an eye to the personal data business

Just like social networks, phone carriers will walk the line between selling valuable data and compromising their subscribers' privacy.