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Group and Mobile Video Chat, Telephone Calling Likely Coming to Facebook

The three men from Facebook and Skype who are most responsible for the social network's new video-chat features answer PCWorld's questions about the launch.

The Best of 'Damn You, Autocorrect'

9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+

Can Google+ steal users from Facebook? Yep. There are good reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+, ranging from ease-of-use to respect for data privacy.

Google+ Social Network: Hands-On First Impressions

Google's new social networking site Google+ has a few rough spots, but is, overall, a strong start to the search giant's challenge to Facebook.

Help! A Web Ad Is Stalking Me

Mixing old and new technologies, Web advertisers have become expert at serving ads to us based on our personal statistics and tastes. But instead of feeling grateful for more-relevant ads, many of us are just creeped out.

Top 10 Songs About Cameras and Photography

Singing about cameras is like dancing about architecture. Well, something like that. Here are the 10 best songs we've ever heard about cameras, photography, and video.


The Funniest Sites on the Web

Online privacy is dead. Our data may be in jeopardy. Haters, hackers, and trolls abound. Advertising and porn have taken over. But on the other hand, there's still a lot of funny on the Web.

What Your Wireless Carrier Knows About You

Operators can tell a lot about the devices, apps, and content you use. But they're far more interested in macro-level trends that show shifts in overall usage patterns as mobile broadband use continues to increase.

AT&T to Launch LTE Service in Five Cities This Summer

Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio will be the first cities to get the new service, which is said to be ten times faster than 3G.

Top 10 Songs About (or to) Computers

As computers have become an integral part of life over the past 50 years, many a musician has burst forth in song about them. We track down the best efforts.

Nexus S 4G Review: Gingerbread Phone Gets a 4G Boost

Google and Samsung's joint collaboration is enhanced with Sprint's 4G data speeds, but the Nexus S still has a few hardware oversights.

Chrome OS Laptops: Google Makes Businesses a Sweet Offer

Companies can replace their old laptops with notebooks running Google’s Web-based OS for just $28 per user per month. Asus and Samsung will sell Chrome laptops for consumers.

Google I/O Day One: 5 Coolest Apps

We searched the developer 'Sandboxes' and found more than a little innovation and inspiration in new apps built on various Google platforms.

LG Optimus Black Review: An Impressive Though Modest Android Phone

This 3G phone won’t break any speed or performance records, but its stylish design and no-nonsense user interface may be just right for some users.