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It's a Mad, Mad 4G World at CES 2011

The term '4G' is on everybody’s lips as device makers and carriers hurry to release devices capable of connecting to the fast new networks.

We Demo the Motorola Atrix

Join us on a quick tour of the new duel-core wonder from Motorola.


Video: Motorola Cliq 2

We get our first look at the successor to Motorola's original Cliq phone.


4G a War of Tech and Words at CES 2011

Carriers are vying for primacy in the 4G race. Some by talking, and some by talking and doing.

Verizon Announces Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

The new device is small enough to fit in a pocket and connects up to five devices at a time to Verizon’s new LTE network.

Motorola Rolls Out Droid Bionic, Verizon’s First 4G LTE Phone

The new phone will leverage Verizon’s new LTE network, which the company says is up to ten times faster than 3G networks.


AT&T Playing Catch-Up in 4G Arms Race

Even though its existing 3G HSPA+ data network is as fast as some 4G networks, a growing 4G arms race has pressured AT&T to speed up the build of its 4G network.

World's Thinnest Smartphone? LG Says New Optimus Black Is It

The Android-powered device uses a new NOVA display to achieve its svelte profile, the company says.

Toyota’s ‘Entune’ Taps Your Phone for In-Car App Fun

In-car system allows drivers to access in-car mapping, weather and music apps by talking to their phones—and keeping their hands on the wheel.

Sprint Will Sell a 4G-Friendly MiFi in February

The popular mobile hotspot should dish out faster speeds than ever when hooked up to Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network.

Cable Cutters: Can 4G Hotspots Replace Cable Broadband?

I spent a couple of weeks connecting my home network with various 3G and 4G hotspots to find out whether they're up to the task.

Smartphone Specs Demystified

Ever wonder what "capacitive touchscreen," "MicroSD" and "HSPA+" mean? We provide real definitions for the specs most commonly used to describe what's under the hood in today's smartphones.

MetroPCS Launches 4G LTE in Boston, New York City and Sacramento

The pre-paid carrier brings its LTE 4G service and LTE smartphone to three more cities, bringing its total to nine. Look out Verizon.

Bing Adds a Bevy of New Search, Social and Mobile Features

Bing adds new “task-based” functionality to help in its uphill battle for market share against Google.


Mobile Data Plan Limits: How Much Can I Download?

Reaching and exceeding your mobile data plan limit might be easier than you think. We count how many MP3s, movies, images, and other data you can download before crossing the line and incurring overage charges.