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Microsoft Showcases Windows Phone 7 Apps at SXSW

Microsoft showed off some WP7 apps that take full advantage of the WP7 operating system.

4G Wireless Speed Tests: Which Is Really the Fastest?

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon: PCWorld’s exclusive performance tests reveal which 4G network delivers the fastest data speeds.


'Google Circles' Looms, But do Google's Nerds 'Get' Social?

Here at South by Southwest the rumors are flying -- and Google's not denying -- that a major new social networking service is in the works. But after Buzz, should we care?

IE9 Gets the Browser Out of the Way

Microsoft has dramatically simplified the browser experience with IE9, which will launch here at SXSW Monday.

SXSW is Bigger Than Texas This Week

It’s my first day of the conference, and it seems clear that SXSW Interactive has arrived as a major meeting place for the tech world.

ZTE V9 and V11 Android-Based Tablets

ZTE shoots for the low-budget Android market with its two new tablets.

Sprint Looks Poised to Enter an LTE Future

The carrier’s spectrum holdings, problems with WiMAX partner Clearwire and the limitations of WiMAX coupled with increasing 4G competition may all be pushing Sprint toward a major strategic shift.

HTC's Flyer May Be a Standout in Crowded Tablet Market

The new tablet uses a special version of HTC's Sense overlay software to create a unique user environment.

Mobile Payments in US Mired in Fight for Control

T-Mobile’s parent Deutsche Telekom is excited about mobile payments, but believes a power struggle between wireless carriers, credit card companies and banks may slow acceptance in the US.

T-Mobile Announces Two Budget Android Phones

The new phones, while unimpressive specs-wise, could cost only $50-$75 (with contract) when they become available this spring.

Hands On with Samsung's Galaxy S 4G Smartphone (Video)

The phone doesn’t have the latest and greatest specs, but the fast HSPA+ technology inside it might make for some impressively speedy performance

LG Announces 3D Smartphone and Midsize Tablet

The LG Optimus PAD will begin selling in April, the LG Optimus 3D in May.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Gaming Phone: Hands On

Android 2.3-powered device isn’t the prettiest phone, but the gaming controls and graphics impress.