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Sprint CEO Says WiMAX Bet Paid Less Than Hoped

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse waxes confessional on Sprint’s big bet on WiMAX and partner Clearwire.


AT&T Exec Responds to Negative Consumer Reports Report

Glenn Lurie, the man who negotiated AT&T's exclusive iPhone deal with Apple, says AT&T's network service has been steadily improving.

Spotify: No U.S. Launch This Year, After All

The European music service is finding the U.S. market, erm, tricky to deal with.


Foursquare CEO Downplays Facebook Deals Threat

Foursquare CEO says Facebook's similar "check-ins" location-based service called Faecbook Deals poses no threat its similar "check in" game strategy.


Consumer Reports AT&T Slam Points Squarely Toward Verizon iPhone

'Now the worst carrier' says the consumer advocate of "the nation's fastest 3G network" in a new report published today. Lesson: Many AT&T iPhone owners would like to be Verizon iPhone owners.

Android 'Gingerbread' OS Adds Mobile Payments, VoIP Support

Google says the latest flavor of its Android mobile operating system, called Android 2.3 or 'Gingerbread', is the fastest yet.


Verizon: You Can Thank Us for Android’s Success

Perhaps caught up in 4G fever, Verizon SVP Tony Malone says Android’s rise to fame and fortune happened only after his company got behind the fledgling OS.


Verizon Launches "4G" LTE Service in 39 Cities December 5

Network will deliver download speeds of 5-12 megabits per second; two $99 3G/4G USB modems go on sale Sunday; $50 (5GB limit) and $80 (10GB limit) data plans available, with 2-year contract.

Sprint's Sanyo Zio: A Safe Bet on Android

Despite a few letdowns, the Sanyo Zio is a respectable $100 Andoid phone.


Myspace to Use Facebookers' Entertainment Likes

Myspace will use the data to customize entertainment content for Facebook users who still use MySpace.

Verizon's Fivespot: It Works, But International Roaming's a Spoiler

The 'world's first global hotspot' works fine, but the cost of using it overseas on Verizon's roaming network may make the Fivespot an expensive novelty for most travelers.


AT&T Customers Can (Finally) Get a MiFi

Even better news: The AT&T MiFi 2372 that AT&T will sell has its own OS and does some cool tricks that other MiFi's can't do.

Yahoo’s Bartz: Yahoo Can’t Do What Facebook Does--Yet

Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz says she would like her company to do what Facebook does, if only it could.

RIM PlayBook Interface Coming to BlackBerry Smartphones?

BlackBerry's Balsillie strongly suggests this may be the case.


Palm CEO Talks WebOS Comeback, New Devices

Palm Chief Executive Jon Rubinstein told the Web 2.0 Conference that his company lost some momentum after it was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in April.