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Android 2.3 Will Do Mobile Payments and Lots of 'Bump'

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says smartphones will soon support “bump” technology and mobile payments.


Facebook Announces E-Mail Service

Facebook announces a full-fledged e-mail service for its 500 million members.

Twitter: Please Tweet While You Watch TV

Twitter says it's bringing a new social and community element to television.


Hulu CEO Talks about Its Annoying Ads

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar wants to make ads shorter and more interesting to Hulu users, and has some clever ways of doing it.


Facebook Deals and Awesome Things You Shouldn't Do on PCWorld Podcast #97

Facebook's new Deals feature gives us a legitimate reason to mess with location-based services, and we explore awesome things to do with your PC that may bend the rules a little.

Google Instant Goes Live on Mobile Phones

Google mobile search now quickly guesses the search terms you're trying to type on your phone, along with the search results for those guesses.

Facebook Deals: How It Works at Street Level

The social networking giant announced new location-based, social shopping features in its Android and iPhone apps today.

Live Update: Facebook Mobile Event

While Facebook has not given details about the announcement, the press invite suggests that the social networking giant is preparing to announce the extension of its platform into the mobile space.

T-Mobile's G2: A Flawed Beauty

T-Mobile's new Android phone is a large leap forward from its predecessor, the landmark G1 (or 'Google Phone'), but it still underwhelms in a few key areas.

First Look: T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G supports T-Mobile's HSPA+ network, sports a front-facing video camera and will be available November 3rd.


Dell Beats Apple on Green Report Card

A report gives generally low marks to tech makers' take-back and recycling programs for old devices--and five major printer makers get an F grade.

HTC Surround: Solid Windows Phone, Laughable "Boombox"

The Surround puts a small pullout speaker console where the pull-out keyboard is supposed to be, with shrill results.


Mobile Hotspots: Which Are Fastest, Most Reliable?

We tested phone-based (Droid X) and free-standing (MiFi) mobile hotspots on the AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon networks to see which ones pump out the best speeds and have the most consistent connection. Here's what we found.

Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places: Practical Uses for Location-Based Services

Forget becoming Mayor of Starbucks. Location-based apps can help you save time and money in your business or personal life. Here are some ideas.

Facebook/Bing: The Social Web Suddenly Becomes More Real

Will social search be enough to vault Bing past Google in the search wars?