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Bing Getting Social with Facebook

Bing is aligning itself with the social networking site Facebook to get the edge on mutual enemy Google.

Verizon Wireless Brings 4G Wireless to 39 US Cities By Year-End

The carrier now says it will reach 39 markets and 60 airports in the US with its fast LTE 4G coverage.

Mobilize 2010: 5 Apps to Watch

At GigaOm's 2010 Mobilize Conference in San Francisco, we got a first look at some intriguing new apps.

Some Merchants to Accept Smartphone-based Purchasing in 2011

Mobile payments are coming to stores near you in 2012, impulse buyers beware.


More Facebook Profiles We'd Like to See

Peek into the social worlds of Steve Ballmer, Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, LeBron James and Lady GaGa.

Is Google Calendar Time-Zone Challenged?

Some well-traveled GCal users think so, and Google is responding.

Sprint 4G Service Shows Up In San Francisco

The fast new WiMAX service hit download speeds of 3 megabits per second (faster than many home broadband connections) in speed tests here today.

Don't Be Blinded By 'Gadget Lust'

These tips can help you keep a clear head when sizing up the next big technology product.


Galaxy Tab vs. iPad? It’s Oranges and Apples

The two devices do many of the same things, but they appear to be designed for two very different use cases.


T-Mobile G2 Plus HSPA+ Network Could Be a Fast Combo

The new phone is the first to take advantage of the fast speeds delivered by T-Mobile's 3.5G network--now in 55 cities.


'Google Instant' On Smartphones May Be Wishful Thinking

"Predictive" search results may be extra useful on mobile devices, but could become a liability with slow wireless speeds.

The Web's Most Annoying Apps

They install icons, they get up in your face with trivial alerts, they demand that you update and then restart--three times a week. We’ve all used these apps, and they’re always a pain.


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