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Gmail Update Integrates Google Voice for Free Phone Calls

Google has united its Gmail and Google Voice services, further unifying communications in the popular email platform.


iPhone: Great Device, Lousy Telephone?

We tried placing calls in poor coverage areas with four AT&T phones. The worst results consistently came from Apple iPhones.

Quick Poll: How Important Is Facebook Privacy to You?

Please take a moment to answer three multiple-choice questions about your views on the privacy of your data on Facebook.

Google Improves Image Search, Finally

Feeling heat from Bing, Google is rolling out a new image search tool that will make it far easier to browse and filter image search results.

Nokia's E73: A Low-Priced Alternative for the BlackBerry Crowd

Svelte, utilitarian, and now subsidized by T-Mobile, the E73 may finally give Nokia a beachhead in the U.S. business phone market.


A 'Public Option' for Broadband?

The idea was proposed to increase competition and lower costs in healthcare. Isn't that just what U.S. broadband needs?

iPhone 4's Antenna Boosts Voice and Data Rates, With One Big Flaw

A new antenna design--which utilizes the metal sides of the phone--helped the iPhone 4 achieve higher speeds in our tests, as long as we held the handset correctly.

Archos 7 Tablet Takes Fun Out of Android

With a spate of more capable Android tablets on the way to market, it's tough to recommend this reasonably priced but hard-to-operate early entrant.


How Will Facebook Make Money?

The company's future depends on finding just the right balance between the privacy expectations of its users and the quality of the social marketing data it can serve to its business partners.

Sprint's EVO Phone in a 4G Zone: How Fast Is It?

I toured six 4G cities in the Northwest, measuring connection speeds on the first 4G phone available in the United States. Here's what I found.

Sprint EVO 4G Sluggish in Northwest

Testing the new smartphone in two 4G cities in Oregon, I saw some solid speeds (by 3G standards) and good coverage, but nothing that could revolutionize mobile communications.

Sprint's EVO 4G in 4G Country (Washington State): Not So Fast

My tests in Seattle and surrounding towns suggest that 4G service there is not yet fast enough to make the first 4G phone a revolutionary experience.

A Bill of Rights for Facebook Users


Mobile TV: Better Options Coming Soon

As phones improve, new devices (iPad) launch, networks improve, and consumer demand grows, lots of money flows toward bigger and better mobile video services. Who will emerge as the "Hulu of mobile"?

Tech Euphemisms: What Those Error Messages Really Mean

Our devices often tell us of our dumb user errors in comically understated terms. ("Please insert a readable CD in the drive.") What would they sound like if they just gave it to us straight?