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Wi-Fi networks may soon become easier and safer to join

Device makers and network operators are working together to let your phone automatically connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks.


New motion tech makes mobile devices far more self-aware

The combo of compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope is moving beyond gaming into other devices and apps.


Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone coming to T-Mobile

The budget-priced 521 looks and feels like its Lumia 820 and 920 older brothers, but with some scaled down specs.


Improved wireless phone and tablet charging on the way?

Proxi says its new wireless-charging technology can solve current charging problems.


Phone unlocking ban sparks consumer ire; White House petition

After unlocking your phone became a crime on Saturday, a petition at the White House website is gaining steam to reverse the decision.

Phone unlocking ban could hit you in the wallet

Phones bought after January 25 can no longer lawfully be decoupled from a carrier by the owner of the device. How did this decision come to rest with a single non-elected, non-technical, elderly librarian in Washington?


Facebook Graph Search turns 'Likes' into searchable data

The social-networking giant gives users Graph Search, a new way of searching through the massive amounts of content on the site.


Why isn't Microsoft's answer to Siri built into Windows 8?

Windows 8 is supposed to be Microsoft's majestic OS reset, but intelligent voice control is conspicuously absent.

Fingerprints everywhere! Are we ready for 400 million dirty Windows 8 touchscreens?

With the arrival of Windows 8, legions of desktop PC users will encounter dirtier displays than they've ever seen before. Are users ready for touchscreen desktops?

28 pieces of computing advice that stand the test of time

Here are the best pieces of computing advice we've ever heard. Useful information never goes out of style.

Google Glass Horror Stories From Your Privacy-Free Future

Google's stylish augmented reality glasses may extend the company's powerful reach from the digital world into the real world, with some alarming implications.


Sprint Launches New 4G LTE Service in 15 Cities

New service launches in Georgia, Kansas, Missouri and Texas as Sprint is transitions from the older WiMAX technology to the much faster and more cost-efficient LTE flavor of 4G.

Personal Data Vaults Put You in Control of Your Data Online

New startups have emerged to help consumers secure, manage, and share their personal data exclusively with trusted individuals, companies, and institutions.

TechHive: How Rock Concert Tech Works

The people who produce rock concerts are always looking for new ways to thrill and surprise us, and they're increasingly turning to technology to do it. Here's how some of the major components of the "big show" work.

Google Nexus 7: A Missile Aimed Directly at Amazon's Kindle Fire

Google is very likely selling the $200 Nexus 7 at less than cost, but will do so happily if that's what it takes to win the love of would-be Kindle Fire buyers.