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A brief history of GPS

The government-run satellite navigation system has revolutionized industry after industry and breathed new life into consumer technology. Here’s how we got here.

Google Glass Horror Stories From Your Privacy-Free Future

Google's stylish augmented reality glasses may extend the company's powerful reach from the digital world into the real world, with some alarming implications.

Sprint Launches New 4G LTE Service in 15 Cities

New service launches in Georgia, Kansas, Missouri and Texas as Sprint is transitions from the older WiMAX technology to the much faster and more cost-efficient LTE flavor of 4G.

Personal Data Vaults Put You in Control of Your Data Online

New startups have emerged to help consumers secure, manage, and share their personal data exclusively with trusted individuals, companies, and institutions.

TechHive: How Rock Concert Tech Works

The people who produce rock concerts are always looking for new ways to thrill and surprise us, and they're increasingly turning to technology to do it. Here's how some of the major components of the "big show" work.

How rock concerts work

The concerts you see this summer will use some fancy technology to give you that good old rock 'n' roll feeling.

Google Nexus 7: A Missile Aimed Directly at Amazon's Kindle Fire

Google is very likely selling the $200 Nexus 7 at less than cost, but will do so happily if that's what it takes to win the love of would-be Kindle Fire buyers.

Google I/O: Chrome Browser Improvements; Chrome and Google Drive for iOS; New Chromebooks

Google rolled out a series of improvements to some of its core web products on Day Two of its giant developer conference in San Francisco.

Analysis: Verizon 'Share Everything' Plans a Mixed Bag for Consumers

Starting on June 28, all new Verizon customers will have a single data plan for all their wireless devices. But the devil is in the details.

Data Snatchers! The Booming Market for Your Online Identity

A huge, mostly hidden industry is raking in billions collecting, analyzing, and sharing personal information you put on the Web. Should you be worried?

Windows Phone 7 Users Can't Upgrade to WP8

If you own a Windows phone now, you won't be included in the bright future of Windows Phone 8. There is a consolation prize, however--Windows Phone 7.8.

Windows Phone 8 Will Be Deeply Integrated With Windows 8 OS

Microsoft says its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, will be deeply integrated with the Windows 8 OS in tablet and desktop PCs. No upgrade for existing WP7 users, however.

Microsoft Announces Surface Tablet PC

The software giant has jumped into the tablet fray with a device it says will make the most of its Windows 8 OS.

Why Google+ Can Still Beat Facebook

Even as Facebook goes public and nears 1 billion users, Google+ still has a chance to become a major contender if it simply plays to its own strengths.

Google Beefs Up Maps as Apple Breakup Nears

Google's Mapping team goes offline with mobile Google Maps, shows off backpack-sized Street View contraptions, and wows with new 3D fly-over technology.