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SXSW Cool App: Radically Simplifies Mobile VoIP

This app out-shined all of the others at a start-up panel here, and is attracting the attention of venture capital firms.


SXSW 2012: Browser Firm Opera Talks HTML5, Successes, and Challenges

Opera, and other browser makers, face multimedia challenges as HTML5 becomes a reality on mobile devices and desktops.


SXSW and the Rise of the Cool Geek

"Geek Spring Break" has quickly become an influential and cool showcase for new tech companies and for the industry as a whole.


SXSW: Is Browser Tracking and Data Harvesting Good or Bad?

Web companies will use my personal data to target more relevant ads to me. That's good, right?


SXSW: Privacy Concerns Grow Over Location-Aware Apps

Web companies already have a lot of information about us, and they’re now collecting location information. Are we OK with that?


SXSW Preview: The Year of 'Ambient Social' Apps?

The hot apps at Austin's increasingly important tech conference may be those that detect when your friends (and would-be pals) are in the area, and help you get together somewhere.


What Happens When You Get ‘Throttled’?

When your wireless company applies the choke hold, it doesn’t feel good. We intentionally exhausted our T-Mobile monthly service allowance and then looked at the download speeds that the carrier gave us afterward.

From 'Faux-G' to 4G: T-Mobile Announces LTE Network Plan

True to form, the small carrier is late to the next-gen wireless party, targeting its 4G launch for 2013. T-Mobile customers--if they stay around long enough--should benefit.

Weird and Wonderful Music-Making Apps and Toys

A guitar eats an iPad, a tablet becomes a dance-music powerhouse, an iPhone makes like a theremin, and a guitar made of five phones and a cheap speaker cranks out 'Cracklin' Rosie.' And the fun may be just beginning.


Protect Our Data! A Digital Consumer Bill of Rights

Online consumers need a legal framework that imposes security responsibilities on data hosting companies, and guarantees compensation for harm caused when their data is lost, stolen or misused.

Facebook IPO, Tons of New Cameras, and Inkjets for Business on PCWorld Podcast #131

Facebook makes a lot of money, and wants to make more by going public. Also, did you know that inkjet printers may be better than lasers for small business?



Facebook Announces 60+ New Apps for 'Timeline'

Facebook's developer partners, including Foodily, Ticketmaster, Pinterest, Rotten Tomatoes, Gogobot andTripAdvisor, today launched new apps that fully integrate with Facebook's Timeline presentation.


What CES 2012 Is About: Four Major Themes

CES 2012 is about catching up with Apple, swimming through a tidal wave of apps, mild disappointment, and wondering what the future of CES might be.


AT&T Expands 4G LTE Network to 11 New Cities

The carrier's "real" 4G service, which can hit speeds ten times faster than 3G service, has now gone live in a batch of new large markets, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Collapse a Victory for Consumers

The multi-billion dollar AT&T takeover of T-Mobile is canceled. In a mobile market that already lacks competition, the merger would have meant higher prices for T-Mobile customers and mobile users in general.