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20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers

Looking for a place where you can get things done--or be entertained--while waiting for a flight? We tested Wi-Fi quality and cell reception (and counted electrical outlets) at the 40 largest airports in the United States, to find the ones that do the best job of keeping you plugged in at the gate and in the air.

Desktop PC Reliability and Satisfaction: Dell and HP Home PCs Get Poor Grades

The two PC giants haven't kept pace with the industry in durability and product support. Readers gave better marks to Apple and Asus.

Digital Camera Reliability and Satisfaction: Canon and Nikon Score Best

Nikon cameras get thumbs up for their LCD screen and picture quality. Canon cameras are particularly durable, readers say.


Smartphone Reliability and Satisfaction: iPhone Tops the List

Readers like their handsets from Apple and HTC, but were less impressed with phones from LG and Samsung.


Laptop Reliability and Satisfaction: MacBooks Rule

There's nothing quite like a MacBook, according to PCWorld readers who participated in our survey on their satisfaction with the performance of their laptops.

HDTV Reliability and Satisfaction: LG is the Brand to Beat

Owners of LG flat screens said the TVs were reliable and easy to use. Mitsubishi HDTV owners weren't nearly as satisfied.


Tablet Reliability and Satisfaction: iPad Comes Out on Top

Our survey of tablet users found that no Android slate could beat out the iPad in reliability or satisfaction with features.


Printer Reliability and Satisfaction: Brother, Canon, and Epson Lead the Field

No one printer maker stood out in our survey of readers about their experiences with printer reliability and their satisfaction with features.

Reliability and Satisfaction: What the Measures Mean

Here, in detail, are the reliability measures and the service measures that we included in our 2011 survey.


Canon's Winning Customer Support: How They Do It

During my visit to the Canon Customer Support Center in Chesapeake, Virginia, I was impressed by the effort the company makes to ensure friendly support.


Sprint Now Making All the Right Moves

Sprint gets the iPhone and announces move to 4G LTE. In a competition-averse wireless market, we consumers need Sprint to succeed.


New iPhone 4S: Antenna 'Death Grip' Now Slightly Harder

But that may be about all Apple's new antenna design may mean. Some believe that the new antenna design may deliver modest reception improvements, but is mostly hype.


Facebook as Media Hub: Shortcomings, Questions and Worries

As the buzz of Facebook’s paradigm-shifting announcements Thursday wear off, some key feature omissions and a lot of privacy questions remain.

Facebook Integrated Real Time Media Fires Significant Blow Against Google

At today's Facebook developers' conference, the reigning social networking champ lets fly with new features that only a service with its maturity, history, and large membership could offer.


Facebook Adds Timeline Feature and Supercharges Apps

Facebook releases Timeline feature to chart your life and supercharges apps allowing you to share "all of your life" activities with friends.