On Your Side: Seller Ships the Wrong Shell

Also: Software that doesn't work satisfactorily despite being installed on a PC that meets recommended configuration specs; trying to obtain a missing license key.

On Your Side: Laptop Repair Troubles

A laptop comes back from the service center with additional damage. Plus: An HP desktop suffers from multiple problems.

On Your Side: Complications With a Netbook Return

A mini-laptop destined to be shipped back is stolen. Plus: Milestone announces a recall of TV wall mounts.

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On Your Side: Is This Windows CD Genuine?

Plus: Replacing a keyboard under warranty, and a Toshiba notebook recall.

On Your Side: Panasonic HDTV Warranty Problem

Plus: a software registration headache, and a recall of counterfeit BlackBerry batteries.

On Your Side: AT&T Early-Termination Fees

Plus: a rejected rebate request and a laptop battery recall.

On Your Side: Download Refund Woes

Also: HP tech-support troubleshooting delays; power adapter recall.

On Your Side: Tech Video Card Trouble

Readers ask for help with rebates and warranties, and Niles Audio puts out an APB on some hot receivers.

On Your Side: Laptop Repair Service Refused

An extended-warranty agreement falls through. Plus: an Internet-connection rate hike, and a power-pack recall.