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Android's On-Screen Keyboard Alternatives

There are many ways to get text into your Android device; here are the best.


Encryption Won't Protect Your BlackBerry Now

A pair of Russian software developers have teamed on a password-cracking program for the BlackBerry.


Google Android Comes to Life

With new smartphones, surging unit sales, and advances in app development, Google's mobile OS is hitting its stride.


Battling the 'BlackBerry White Screen of Death'

Ten-minute reboots after app updates. Corrupted applications. Lost data. A repeatedly bricked OS. You'd think it was an early Windows PC!


Windows 7's Spotty Driver Support

Spotty support for networked all-in-one printers in particular may be a testing, QA, and certification issue; some notebook drivers aren't yet available either.


Windows 7 Speech Recognition: Say What?

Based on a test on the fly, Windows 7's speech recognition capabilities were a pleasant surprise.

Windows 7 Likely to Be Better Enterprise Fit Than Vista

Recent survey shows business PCs are far more likely to be ready to run Windows 7 than had been ready for Vista.


Consortium to Oversee Software Quality

CISQ will standardize metrics and license software quality evaluation service providers.

My Windows 7 RTM Adventure

Analysis: Installing the released version of Windows 7 had its ups and downs.

Microsoft Silverlight Challenges Adobe AIR

Analysis: The improved Silverlight 3 is gaining on the competition in multimedia environments.


Buy a New Camera, or Fix the Old One?

Analysis: When a pocket digital camera breaks again (long after the warranty expired), picking and buying a new one can be tricky.


Silverlight, for Real This Time

Microsoft's RIA framework offers client-side programming with .Net languages and tools, plus high performance.

Who Needs an Enterprise AJAX Solution?

Extensive support is but one differentiator between commercial and open source AJAX frameworks.

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Is Icing, and More Cake

Going far beyond bug fixes, Service Pack 1 to Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5 adds many important new features.