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Andfield Stadium from drone

UK gets first drone conviction after flights over football stadiums

A man in the U.K. has been convicted of illegally flying drones over buildings and congested areas -- the first conviction of its type in the country.

AT&T logo on Boston store

AT&T says rogue employees secretly unlocked hundreds of thousands of phones

AT&T said three of its employees secretly installed software on its network so a cellphone unlocking service could surreptitiously funnel hundreds of thousands of requests to its servers to remove software locks on phones.


The world's first 8K TV is going on sale next month for a staggering amount of money

Sharp will be the first to begin limited sales of 8K televisions next month.

150914 tinder de vries

Can a computer learn when to swipe right on Tinder?

When it comes to the complex laws of physical attraction, can a computer learn your preferences on Tinder?

150914 josh earnest

White House won't say if it's hoping for a cybersecurity deal with China

With the visit of Chinese premier Xi Jinping just a week away, the White House isn't being drawn on whether an agreement might be reached with China over cybersecurity.

150914 sec 1

Traders pay $30m to settle newswire hacking case

The Securities and Exchange Commission says two of 32 people charged with profiting from information hacked from newswire services have agreed to pay $30 million to settle the changes.

Mt. Gox chief charged with embezzling bitcoin funds

Japanese prosecutors have charged the former CEO of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox with embezzling the money of clients. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

150911 darpa phoenix

DARPA envisages robotic satellite repair missions

A former astronaut working at DARPA believes a new breed of robotics could revolutionize the satellite telecommunications industry, bringing better services to consumers and resulting in less space junk.

Free speech for computers, and nine other DARPA ideas

DARPA computer scientist and philosopher Paul Cohen delivered a thought-provoking speech Thursday at the DARPA conference in St. Louis.

150910 darpa radiation 3

DARPA shows off a crowd-sourcing radiation detector

In the quest to make a better radiation detector, engineers at DARPA are taking a leaf from crowd-sourcing and have developed one that's compact and cheap, integrates with a smartphone and sends its data to the cloud.

150910 darpa parc chips 5

Xerox PARC's new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds

Engineers at Xerox PARC have developed a chip that will self-destruct upon command, providing a potentially revolutionary tool for high-security applications.

150909 ash carter darpa

US defense secretary mulls rapid grants for tech companies

The U.S. Department of Defense is considering offering rapid seed funding to private companies as a way to encourage more work on technology projects with the commercial sector, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Wednesday.

150907 nasa uhd 2

NASA will launch a 4K TV channel later this year

NASA plans to launch a 4K TV channel this fall and has already begun test broadcasts. The new channel, called NASA UHD, will broadcast 24 hours a day and be available free of commercials.

150907 ifa samsung

If you're buying a TV, know these three letters: HDR

After bigger screens, and thinner screens, and 3D screens, and curved screens, and 4K screens, HDR is the new flavor of the season in television technology and it's one worth paying attention to.

150903 dji 1

DJI is concerned Amazon and Google could restrict hobby drone flight

One of the world's largest consumer drone makers says it's concerned hobbyists will face tougher restrictions over where they can fly if Amazon and Google get their way in creating dedicated airspace zones for commercial flight.