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Mary Brandel is a contributing writer for Computerworld, covering a variety of IT technology and management issues.

How to Fight Check Fraud

Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology and ongoing economic uncertainty, all types of fraud are flourishing today, including check fraud.

IT Workers' Top 4 Dream Employers

Companies often talk about their "dream" IT job candidate -- the type of worker they'd most like to have on their staffs. But what about the IT workers...

9 Secrets of Getting Stuff Done in a Big Company

Even well-run organizations can be political, inflexible and resistant to new ideas. How do you accomplish anything when you're facing those challenges? Here are 9 ways to achieve your security goals.

SharePoint Sites, Growing Like Weeds, Need Governance

"Like the Wild West" -- that's how Dave Rettig, a senior manager in the strategy and technology alignment group at Raymond James Financial Inc. , describes the...

Moving Day: How to Protect Your Company During a Relocation

Moving dangers include theft and espionage, in addition to broken equipment and stubbed toes. Here's how to plan a company move that minimizes hassles and maximizes security.

How Savvy Firms Monitor Customers' Online Chatter

Monitoring customer chatter on social networks can yield big benefits, especially if IT gets involved.

New Digital Archives Await Bush Records

The National Archives prepare to sift, sort, and store the presidential records for researchers and historians.


Move to a Metro Hot Spot

All areas of the country are not created equal when it comes to compensation increases.

Make a Referral

Companies may be slowing or even stopping the flow of bonuses, but many are happy to award cash to employees.

Letting Apple Into the Enterprise Isn't Easy

As enthusiasm grows around the Apple brand, the pressure mounts to support it in the enterprise. But a peek inside three businesses reveals that has its challenges.


Stormy Weather: 7 Gotchas in Cloud Computing

Users hit turbulence on the trip to cloud computing.

Purging Data Saves Money, Cuts Legal Risk

E-discovery ranges from $1 million to $3 million per terabyte of data.

Is It Time for a Data Diet?

If you're suffering from information overload, consider slimming down by reducing your info intake.

Social Networking Behind the Firewall

As Facebook-like apps infiltrate the enterprise, they're integrating the workforce in unforeseen ways.

Solid State Disk Will Go Mainstream in 3, 2, 1...

Solid-state disks cost about $3.45 per gigabyte, hard drives about $0.38 per gigabyte.