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'Post-PC World': More PCs, Please!

Why the PC has never been more important


Sandy Bridge Mistake Shows How Important Intel Is

There's nothing wrong with AMD, of course, and the growth of mobile computing means companies such as ARM grow ever more important. But Intel is the single most important hardware player in the PC market, and Sandy Bridge is a game-changing upgrade.

Microsoft Makes a Bid for Your Living Room

The battle for the remote control is a staple of family life. Throw a games console into the mix and older family members can find themselves consigned to the spare room.


Kingston Brings External Hard Drive to iPad

Kingston previews the Mobi SX, WEP-secured external hard drive to expand (and share) an iPad's local storage.


Can Google Chrome OS Save the Netbook?

Using Google's web smarts and mobile technology, Chrome OS could breathe life back into the netbook.


iPad or Tab, What's in a Name?

Analysis: iPads may be everywhere, but they're not all really iPads. Or iPods. Or iPhones.