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Google Says Apple-Samsung Decision Isn't Related to Core Android

The jury's decision Friday in the landmark Samsung-Apple patent battle doesn't relate to the core of the Android mobile operating system, Google said in a brief statement Monday.

Sprint Kicks Off BYOD Managed Service

Sprint extended BYOD Management to its professional services portfolio on Monday, giving businesses a way to manage security and costs for workers who use consumer smartphones and tablets for work.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 is More Profitable Than iPad

A tear-down analysis reveals Samsung makes $56 more selling its Wi-Fi-only tablet than Apple gets by selling the iPad for the same price.

Are Shoppers Ready for Mobile Payments?

As major players sign on and the technology advances, mobile payments may become more common -- if the options don't confuse the buying public.

Mobile Users Prefer Wi-Fi Over Cellular for Price, Speed, and Reliability

Smartphone and tablet users prefer using Wi-Fi over cellular connections, and consider Wi-Fi cheaper, faster, easier to use, more reliable and, even, slightly more secure than cellular.

Acer Still Supports Windows RT

Despite some online skirmishing and being dropped from Microsoft's partner list, Acer says it still expects to ship Windows RT devices.

Mobile Web Browsing on iOS Devices Mushrooms as BlackBerry Declines

Web usage by iPhone and iPad owners has grown by 35% in North American over the past year, while browsing with BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet has dropped by 25%.

With Samsung and Apple Dominating Smartphones, Where's the Rest of the Field?

Some question whether Nokia, RIM, Motorola and others can grow, much less hold on.

Tablet Users Shop Online in Volume, Study Shows

Online shoppers are buying via via mobile devices at significantly higher rates every year, reports a Web merchandising firm.

Verizon Wireless Reveals $150 20GB Shared Data Plan, and Four Others

Verizon Wireless Tuesday revealed that there are five additional data tiers over and above the six tiers announced with its Share Everything plans earlier.

New Marketing Head Will Raise Qualcomm's Profile

Intel's former head of Ultra Mobility, hired Monday to become Qualcomm's chief marketing officer, shows that the San Diego-based chip maker is finally serious about marketing.

UPS Mid-way in Deploying Wearable Image Scanners for Faster Package Sorting

Full rollout to reach 38,000 scanners by end of 2013.

Google to Likely Make Modest Profit on Nexus 7, IHS Teardown Reveals

A teardown of the Nexus 7 tablet reveals Google is likely to break even on the $199, 8 GB version of its tablet while earning a modest profit on the 16 GB version, priced at $249.

Sprint to Sell IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook for $800

Sprint has become the first U.S. wireless carrier to offer an Ultrabook, which is being sold with a 3G/4G mobile hotspot device at no added cost.

Verizon to Sell BlackBerry Curve 9310 for $50 After Rebate

Smartphone will go on sale Thursday, with a two-year service plan.