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Smartphone Owners Back Obama by Wide Margin Over Romney

49% of the smartphone owners said they'd vote for Obama, while 31% said they would vote for Romney.

Tablet Adoption Lowers Reading of Physical Books, Newspapers, Survey Shows

More than half of tablet adopters are reading books and other media on their tablet screens instead of relying on paper.

Google Play Key to Nexus 7's Success

The success of the Nexus 7 tablet will depend on Google's ability to bring users to its selection of 400,000 apps and other content through Google Play.

Kai Design May Help Google Keep Nexus 7 Tablet Costs Low

Google may be using Nvidia's new Kai reference design in its highly anticipated Nexus 7 tablet, a move that would bolster the tablet's reported low starting price of $199 without much of a Google subsidy.

RIM Committed to Company Overhaul, as Report of Blackberry Sell-off Surfaces

Report says RIM could be planning to split off its BlackBerry smartphone.

Verizon Adds 46 4G LTE Markets

The carrier's 4G LTE service climbs to 304 markets with an additional launch this week.

Price Tag Will Make or Break Microsoft Surface

As the guessing game begins, analysts say Microsoft must price Surface carefully or the tablet will fail to hook consumers.

Surface Debut Prompts LG to Stall its Own Tablet

LG Electronics says it will put its new tablet development on hold and instead focus on smartphones, now that Microsoft is entering the tablet market.

Samsung's SAFE for Galaxy S III Aims to Help IT Embrace Android

Samsung to help enterprise IT feel confident about allowing the coming Galaxy S III smartphone on the job.

Nook Passes Fire in Web Traffic in June

The Barnes &Noble Nook tablet's Web traffic overtook that of the Kindle Fire for the first time in early June.

Controversial 'Share Everything' Data Plan Defended by Verizon

Verizon defends its new 'Share Everything' data plan that would require unlimited data plan customers to pay the full unsubsized iPhone price of $649 to keep their existing plan, among other things.

Unlimited Data Customers 'Freaked Out' by New Verizon Shared Data Plans

The new Verizon Wireless Share Everything plan unveiled Tuesday shocked and angered many longtime Verizon customers, including those with unlimited data plans.

Leaked Windows Phone 8 Screenshots Show Skype Integration

The pressure is on Microsoft to expand its young phone OS and its influence with app developers.

FAQ: Verizon's New Share Everything Plans

There are a lot of details in Verizon's new Share Everything data, voice and text sharing plans, some of which are mentioned in footnotes on Verizon's Web site.

FaceTime via Cellular: Will It Work, and Can You Afford It?

Apple hasn't defined how much bandwidth a typical video call will take, so "there is no good way to know what it will cost users," an analyst says.