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FAQ: Verizon's New Share Everything Plans

There are a lot of details in Verizon's new Share Everything data, voice and text sharing plans, some of which are mentioned in footnotes on Verizon's Web site.

FaceTime via Cellular: Will It Work, and Can You Afford It?

Apple hasn't defined how much bandwidth a typical video call will take, so "there is no good way to know what it will cost users," an analyst says.

Mass. Teen Gets Year in Jail for Fatal Texting Crash

A judge in Massachusetts ordered a teen driver to one year in a county correctional center for texting while driving that led to a fatal crash.

Drop the 'Windows' Name for Tablets and Smartphones, Says Analyst

Microsoft needs to drop the Windows name from its new consumer products, such as Windows RT tablets and smartphones, an industry analyst says.

HTC One X Available in AT&T Stores on Sunday

The phone will go on sale after a two-week delay caused by a U.S. Customs review of shipments.

Windows Phone Projected to Overtake iPhone by 2016

IDC says the iPhone's growth will moderate because the popular device will have saturated many markets around the world.

Windows RT Tablets Could Cost $500 to $700

Windows RT tablets could cost $500 to $700 -- too high to make them viable in a market filled with less expensive tablets, according to an IDC analyst.

Sprint Begins Selling HTC Evo 4G

The LTE smartphone survives its immigration challenge and becomes available to customers this weekend; the LTE network requires a longer wait.

Mobile Payments Still Slow to Catch on in U.S.

Even if the next iPhone has a mobile wallet app and a Near Field Communication chip inside, don't expect contactless payments to suddenly explode in the U.S.

Big Jump in Mobile Payments Expected, but U.S. Will Miss Out

Mobile payments will reach $171 billion globally in 2012, and $617 billion in 2016, according to research firm Gartner.

With Motorola's Help, Google May Introduce Android to the Office

Samsung, the biggest maker of Android devices, is already trying to sell both tablets and smartphones for workplaces, while Lenovo is doing the same with tablets.

Android, iPhone, Dominate Smartphones Sales

Apple and Android devices make up 82% of those shipped to retailers in the first quarter of 2012, IDC reports.

Consumerization Trend Creates IT Worries, Worker Benefits

Fully 95% of 600 businesses surveyed by Cisco permit the use of employee-owned smartphones and tablets at the office and found productivity gains for workers.

Google (Lack of) Support Hampers Android, Analyst Says

Adoption of Android tablets and smartphones in business is "severely limited" because of the complexities of managing the various Android models, a Gartner report asserts.

Google to Sell Nexus Smartphones and Tablets Direct

Google is reportedly moving to more direct sales of its Android smartphones and tablets in an apparent move to wrest control away from wireless carriers that install their own services on Android gear or block Google apps like Google Wallet.