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The Super Bowl by the Wireless and Network Numbers

AT&T and carrier equipment provide Sandvine released some interesting wireless and Internet usage figures from Sunday's Super Bowl victory for the New York Giants.

Voice and Video Calls via Wi-Fi From 30,000 Feet?

Federal regulations forbid making calls from cell phones while aboard U.S. commercial planes in-flight, but Wi-Fi services could eventually permit voice and video calls.

Presidential Campaign Mobile Websites Lack Savvy

All of the U.S. presidential candidates say they're pro-tech, but their mobile campaign sites don't support that campaign promise.

London Calling With RIM BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

Research in Motion's incipient BlackBerry 10 smartphone, code-named London, has a thin and long design, according a photo obtained by

'If I Die' Facebook App Sends Your Final Message

A new Facebook app might be perfect for the person who always wants to have the last word -- the really last word.

Windows Phone Predicted to Displace iPhone

Microsoft's OS could power 17% of the smartphones shipped in 2015, edging out Apple's iPhone for the second-place ranking behind Android, analyst says.

Verizon Adds LTE Service to 5 More Cities

Verizon's 4G service is now available in 195 markets, well ahead of other carriers.

Motorola Confirms Wi-Fi Android Upgrade for Xoom

The update gives U.S. users faster browsing and useful Data Manager tool, among other features.

Silver Gloves Said to Ease Cold-weather Touchscreen Use

The problem of using smartphone and tablet touchscreens has led to the creation specialized gloves that ease the task.

Do Mobile Devices Really Need Multi-Core Chips?

Today's mobile apps don't benefit from dual-core or quad-core processing power.

Safe Bet: Mobile Stays Hot in 2012, Among Other Predictions

Look for NFC in more phones, including the iPhone, and don't count RIM out yet.

AT&T's 4G Network Edges Verizon in Speed Test

Data downloads and Web browsing on new LTE-ready smartphones were slightly faster on AT&T's new 4G LTE network, according to a study by Metrico Wireless.

Starbucks Soars with Mobile Payment Program

More than 26 million transactions are logged in the biggest US mobile payment app, now expanding globally.

Google Wallet May become Battleground

Verizon is the first -- but perhaps not the sole -- carrier to decline Google's service as the jockeying for mobile real estate accelerates.

Will We All Soon Have 'Handles' Online?

Forget names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. The era of the Internet handle is emerging, when we'll have a single nickname for everything.