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Verizon Expected to Dump Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon Wireless is switching its smartphone customers to a tiered pricing schedule.


Google's Patent Loss Hits Android, Analyst Warns

Losing the bidding war for Nortel's patents to Microsoft is a blow to the Android developer community.


Cius Is About Giving Control Back to IT, Cisco Says

Cisco officials want to drive home a point about the Cius tablet coming on July 31: It's aimed at business users, not consumers.

Half a Million Android Smartphones Activated Daily, Google Says

More than half a million Android phones are activated every day, according to Google's Andy Rubin, head of the Android platform.


Cisco's Cius Tablet to Go on Sale July 31 for $750

Cisco announced its Android-based Cius tablet, with appeal for enterprise customers, will finally go on sale for $750 on July 31.

E-readers Outnumber Tablets in US Homes, Survey Finds

A Pew Research Institute survey in May found that Americans favor less-expensive e-reader devices over tablets like Apple's iPad.


HP Will Reportedly Offer a 7-Inch Tablet After TouchPad Debut

HP reportedly plans to launch a 7-inch tablet in August, just a month after its 9.7-inch TouchPad arrives.


RIM Drastically Cuts PlayBook Sales Target, Report Says

RIM has cut its sales target for PlayBook tablets in the second quarter to one-third of the original estimate, according to Taiwan-based suppliers cited in a...

Austin Added as Second City for Mobile Wallet Test

Isis officials named Austin, Texas, as their second 2012 launch market for the carrier-backed venture that relies on Near Field Communication-ready smartphones to help consumers buy goods from merchants there.

Phone Calls Still Favored by Adults for Communicating With Others

Voice phone communication and email are still preferred by Americans over social networks, texting and other messaging modes.

NFC will be Worth the Wait, Analysts Say

Near Field Communication chips will prove to be a boon to merchants despite lengthy delays in U.S. adoption of the technology, analysts say.

Mobile Ad Revenue Expected to Double This Year

Video and audio mobile ads are the fastest growing segment, while ads associated with search and maps deliver the highest revenue.


T-Mobile Adds 47 Cities to its Fastest Wireless Network

The 47 new HSPA+42 cities on T-Mobile include Albuquerque, N.M., Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, Sacramento and San Diego, Calif., Salt Lake City, and San Antonio.


NFC Mobile Payments: What Have You Done for Me Lately?

NFC technology is rolling out in some European cities and is widespread in Japan and South Korea, but analysts say it may take five years for the technology to become mainstream in the US.


Starbucks Extends Smartphone Payment App to Android Devices

Beginning Wednesday, Starbucks' bar code-based mobile payment app will be extended to the Android platform.