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Starbucks Extends Smartphone Payment App to Android Devices

Beginning Wednesday, Starbucks' bar code-based mobile payment app will be extended to the Android platform.


Verizon Adds 19 Cities to LTE Network

The new 19 LTE cities include several state capitals such as Sacramento, Calif., Hartford, Conn., Boise, Idaho, Harrisburg, Pa., and Indianapolis, Ind.

Lady Gaga Lends Marketing Prowess to Mobile Apps

It takes more than app development savvy and code crunching to get noticed in Apple's busy App Store.


Apple Enters Lodsys Patent Fight Over iOS Apps

Apple has asked to intervene in a patent lawsuit brought by Lodsys against seven small iOS application developers.


Photon Smartphone Heads List of 10 Motorola Devices Coming to Sprint

Sprint's renewed partnership with Motorola, announced today, will result in more than 10 smartphones and tablets for sale in 2011, including Motorola's first WiMax phone for Sprint, the Photon 4G.


Google, Samsung and Sprint Investigate Nexus S Problems

Users say photos are being deleted, but the cause of the problem remains unclear.


One Billion Smartphones Will Ship in 2015, IDC Says

Nearly 1 billion smartphones will be shipped globally in 2015, almost double the amount for all of 2011.

Windows 8 May Give Microsoft a Tablet Play

Can Microsoft's next-generation, touch-oriented Windows 8 OS give Microsoft a leg-up in the tablet computer market now dominated by Apple's iPad?

Microsoft Joins Patent Review Group to Avoid Costly Litigation

Microsoft has become the first member of a crowdsourcing service designed to challenge and invalidate specious software patents sometimes used in expensive lawsuits brought by so-called patent trolls.

Three Reasons Mango Could Make You Want a Windows Phone

To hear Microsoft executive Andy Lees describe Mango's 500 improvements to the Windows Phone platform would be daunting.

Top Three Ways Mango Will Lure You to a Windows Phone

Windows Phone impresses with its Internet Explorer 9 integration, Bing integration, and links to Office, Xbox, and Skype


Mango Software Update: Where's the Hardware, Analysts Ask

Even with the 500 improvements announced Tuesday in the Windows Phone OS update called Mango, some analysts are concerned that Microsoft didn't show any new hardware to ship in the fall with Mango installed.


AT&T Lab Test Shows LTE Speeds Twice that of Verizon

AT&T demonstrated a fast 28.87 Mbps download speed during an LTE test, warns that real-world speeds may differ.

PlayBook Sells 250,000 in First Month, Analyst Estimates

An estimated 250,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets have been sold in the first month, edging out Motorola Xoom's early sales.

Verizon Readies HTC Trophy, its First Windows Phone

The Windows Phone 7 device goes on sale next week priced at about $150.