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Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung sells 5M Galaxy Note II 'phablets' in two months

The combination smartphone-tablet Samsung Galaxy Note II has proven more popular than analysts had expected.


AT&T's LTE service expands to 103 cities, ahead of schedule

AT&T said it is ahead of schedule for 4G LTE network deployments and has now reached 103 cities in the U.S.

TomTom opens portal for rapid location-based app development

Navigation technology provider TomTom announced developer tools and a platform for location-based services (LBS) in the cloud to help in the rapid creation of apps for finding locations that are used by truck fleets and other businesses.

Mobile workers' health threatened by spending weekends online

A new survey found 63 percent of mobile workers are spending at least six hours each weekend online -- and nearly one-third are online for up to 20 hours over the two days.

SAP goes big on Windows 8 with six new apps

Six mobile apps from SAP will deliver tools for business training, recruiting and sales.

Gartner: Smartphones and tablets growth exploding, especially in business

Gartner report that 1.2 billion smart devices will be purchased in 2013, breaking the 1 billion mark for the first time.

Ballmer pitches Windows Phone 8 live tiles in video ad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touts the personalization features of Windows Phone 8 in a new 46-second video ad.


Windows 8/RT touch interface confuses, frustrates early users

Some early users of Microsoft's Surface RT tablet say they are confused or frustrated by the touch interface on the 10.6-in. display and are relying instead on the attachable keyboard with its more conventional track pad and arrow keys to input commands.

In search of the sub-$300 Windows RT tablet

Where are the sub-$300 Windows RT tablets? It's a question that might not be answered until Friday, when tablet makers finally put them on sale.

Verizon to reach 410 cities with LTE next week

Verizon Wireless said it will launch faster LTE wireless service in 21 cities on Oct. 18, reaching a total of 410 markets two months ahead of schedule.

American Airlines flight attendants to use Galaxy Note devices

American Airlines plans to buy some 17,000 first-generation Samsung Galaxy Note devices for use by flight attendants on its planes.



Sprint's LTE coverage found lacking in four cities

A Sprint spokeswoman called the results "surprising" and defended the carrier's initial LTE launches in a handful of cities over the summer.

PlayBook OS 2.1 update boosts security, management

Research in Motion Wednesday released a BlackBerry PlayBook OS update that adds full device encryption to secure personal data stored on the device to go along with the already-available encryption for corporate data.

iPhone 5: Pros and cons in the enterprise

If the iPhone 5 sells as well as expected, it could create challenges for IT shops wrestling with bring-your-own-device policies.

Troubled Apple Maps app sparks attack ad from Google's Motorola

Motorola Mobility, a division of Google, has created an ad that mocks the troubled Apple Maps application in iOS 6.