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New super-duper smartphone cameras likely won't help HTC and Nokia, analysts say

HTC and Nokia are separately expected to announce super-high-quality cameras in new smartphones expected to be unveiled the next week.


You can get a BlackBerry Z10 now--for $999

If you can't wait to get the latest BlackBerry in the U.S., there's this costly path to instant gratification.


Can new smartphones rekindle the BlackBerry fire?

'Not dead yet' could well be the new BlackBerry marketing theme, two new BlackBerry 10 smartphones are expected to be announced Wednesday.

Verizon debuts two shared data plans for businesses

The plans include one for small businesses, with up to 25 lines of shared data, and one aimed at large businesses of any size, with no limit on the number of devices


New BlackBerry mobile management tools ready for download

Analysts are unsure whether RIM's new enterprise mobility software can halt the migration away from BlackBerry smartphones

RIM gets Visa approval for mobile payments via NFC

Research in Motion announced Wednesday that credit card company Visa has approved RIM's security management system for use in mobile payments made with smartphones or tablets that use a Near Field Communication chip.

This Nevada man does not have your lost cellphone

A resident of North Las Vegas, Nev., says owners of lost cell phones repeatedly show up at his house demanding phones that they tracked via software to his location.

UBS: 1 million Surface RT tablets sold in last quarter

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet sold 1 million units in the fourth quarter, according to a UBS analyst. That was fewer tablets than an analyst for the bank was expecting.

Post-holiday Android tablet Web traffic grows, iPad share shrinks

Web traffic on Android tablets from various vendors grew substantially after the Christmas holiday, cutting the iPad's share by more than 7 percent, according to Chitika Insights. But the iPad continues to outdistance the competition overall, accounting for nearly 79 percent of all Web page impressions.

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Many young adults ditch laptops for smartphones

Smartphones are more important to young adults in the U.S. and three other countries than laptops, desktops or tablets, according to a survey of 1800 18- to 30-year-old users in 18 countries.


'BYOD' struggle continues for IT admins in 2013

IT leaders are finally integrating smartphones and tablets into the workplace, but the new year will bring more challenges for separating work and play in the office.

Verizon upgrades Galaxy S III to Jelly Bean OS

Verizon Wireless Thursday announced that it will start upgrading Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones on its network to Android 4.1 operating system Friday.

Drumbeat of of AT&T LTE launches goes on

AT&T is putting the pedal to the metal on its LTE deployments, saying Thursday it has added seven more markets to its list, atop of the four market launches it had announced three days earlier.


Last chapter for e-readers?

Analysts are sounding a proverbial death knell for the devices, which have declined 36 percent in 2012

Microsoft's Surface RT gets tiny share of tablet Web traffic

Sales of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet are hard to measure, but one study indicates the new device is generating a tiny portion of Web traffic—less than 1%.