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UltimatePointer Goes After Nintendo's Wii Remote: Patent Trolling?

Maker of UPoint laser pointer takes aim at Nintendo, claims company violated it patent for 'direct-pointing system'.

'Skyrim' Voiceover Cast Revealed, Includes Christopher Plummer, Joan Allen

Bethesda talks up all-star voice cast for upcoming roleplaying epic The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Coming (Late) in December

Electronic Arts and BioWare announce online roleplaying game set in Star Wars universe will launch just days before Christmas.

Not Fully Baked: Diablo III Officially 'Delayed' Until Early 2012

Blizzard bumps action-fantasy hack-and-slash Diablo III from late 2011 to early next year.

Sony's 'No-Sue' Defense: AT&T Got Away with It, So We Can Too

Sony's says defense of 'no litigation' clause in PlayStation Network terms of service is because U.S. Supreme Court considers language 'enforceable'.

Meet the Diablo III Public Beta, Officially Live Now

Blizzard surprise-launches the Diablo III public beta, including full access to the hack-and-slash roleplaying game's first act.

Gears of War 3 Arrives, Final Fantasy XIII-2 Won't Until January

The third and final chapter in Epic's Xbox 360-exclusive Gears trilogy is in stores now, and Square Enix slaps a U.S. release date on Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Sony's 'No-Sue' PlayStation Network Use Clause is Anti-Consumer

Sony attempts to cover its bases by issuing a requirement that consumers forgo legal rights if they want to keep using its service.

Nonsense: Of Course the PS Vita's Not Hitting the U.S. on December 31

Tech news site sees a late 2011 retailer release date for Sony's PlayStation Vita, speculates baselessly.

Of Course Microsoft's Putting Xbox LIVE in Windows 8

Microsoft 'confirms' what everyone already knew: Xbox LIVE will be part of Windows 8.

Japan Gets PlayStation Vita First, Rest of World Still Delayed to 2012

Sony gives the PS Vita a December launch date in Japan, says dedicated gaming handheld will debut with 26 games.

Nintendo 3DS Add-on Joystick, 3D Video Fail to Impress Investors

Nintendo's pre-Tokyo Game Show 3DS event offered few surprises and failed to offset investor pessimism.

No, Heavy Rain Developer Hasn't 'Lost' a Penny to Used Game Sales

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dreams says it's 'lost' millions to players who've purchased resold copies of its noir murder mystery.

The Nintendo 3DS's 260% August Bouncy-Bounce

Nintendo 3DS sales roared back in August, but will Nintendo's $80 price cut be enough to pull out a winning holiday season?

Check Out This Funky Atari Retro-Joystick for iPad

Discovery Bay's joined hands with Atari and plans to sell a groovy yesteryear joystick for the iPad that'll play games like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command.