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10-Year-Old Outs Security Flaw in iOS and Android Games

10-year-old girl finds time-based security hold in mobile and tablet games, tells all at DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas.

Should Sony Cut the PlayStation Vita's Price?

Sony's delayed PS Vita gaming handheld faces tough competition from both Nintendo 3DS and mobile devices like Apple's iPhone and Android OS-based phones.

Finally Declining? World of Warcraft Loses 300,000 Subscribers

Blizzard's online roleplaying game loses nearly a million paying subscribers in less than a year, despite major new content launch.

Is This the Next World of Warcraft Expansion?

MMO site claims new Blizzard trademark for World of Warcraft expansion 'Mists of Pandaria'. Skepticism ensues.

Blizzard: Sorry, You'll Have To Be Online To Play Diablo III

Blizzard reveals new Diablo III features, including several that'll require you be online at all times to play.

Jeff Vogel Revisits Avernum in 'Escape From The Pit'

Spiderweb Software announces Avernum: Escape From the Pit, the next phase in indie coder Jeff Vogel's longstanding Mac and PC fantasy roleplaying series.

Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed $80, Current Owners Getting 20 Free Games

Is Nintendo's 3DS price drop an act of desperation? Probably, as well as dramatic enough to make even cynics think twice about passing when it goes into effect two weeks from now.

EA: Game Console Cycle Has 'Gone Forever'

EA CEO John Riccitiello says the days of multi-year console investment and development cycles are over.