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Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Available Now to Download

Microsoft launches free Kinect for Windows SDK beta, software available for download now.

Steam Debuts Five Free-To-Play Games, Special In-Game Items

Valve launches five free-to-play games with special in-game items available during a limited-time promotional period.

Analyst: Wii U Half Again as Powerful as PlayStation 3

An industry analyst passes along word from developers who claim the Wii U is 50% more powerful than Sony's PlayStation 3.

Analyst Calls Wii U 'Impactful', but 'Two Years Too Late'

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter assesses Nintendo's new console in the wake of E3 2011 and comes away disappointed.

Les Paul Google Doodle Gets Permanent Home

Ubiquitous search engine Google launches a dedicated page for its interactive Les Paul doodle.

E3 2011: Watch The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Demoed for 15 Minutes

Watch Bethesda's epic roleplaying game laid out in detail, from the new dual-fisted combat system to the complex, independently operating economy.

Wii U: A Nintendo DS Snapped in Half?

Nintendo's Wii sequel isn't as anomalous as it looks at first blush--consider the industry's history with dual-screen systems.

E3 2011: Nintendo's Next Console Named 'Wii U', Breaks Mold Once Again

Nintendo unveiled its wildly different next console at the E3 2011 press conference this morning, including a tablet-style gamepad and dozens of new ways to interact with games.

E3 2011: Sony Says Sorry for PSN Outage, Reveals PlayStation Vita

Sony apologized (again) for the PlayStation Network outage, then got down to business with its PlayStation Vita (nee NGP) games handheld.

E3 2011: Microsoft Reveals Halo 4, Bets Farm on Kinect Experience

Microsoft reveals Halo 4 plus the long rumored original Halo for Xbox remake, but spends most of its E3 press conference touting Kinect games.

Oh Brother: Sony Hacked Again

Yep, Sony's been hacked again, and this time hackers pilfered Sony Pictures and claim they nicked millions of passwords, music codes, and coupons.

PlayStation Store Back, Sony Finally Returns to Normal

Normal service is resumed as the last commerce-driven component of the PlayStation Network, hacked by intruders in mid-April, returns to life.

Zynga's New Facebook Game 'Empires & Allies' Goes Live

Social gaming juggernaut launches new 'strategy combat gone social' game on Facebook.