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Rumor: Sony NGP Memory Halved to Battle Nintendo 3DS

Sony rumored to be spec-cutting in hopes of launching its handheld PSP-successor at a 3DS-competitive price point.


Survey: PSN Outage Hasn't Impacted PlayStation Network Loyalty

A GameStop Trax survey indicates a clear majority of PlayStation 3 owners remain loyal in the wake of the PSN outage.

Mobile Minecraft to Hit Sony Xperia Play First

Sony Ericsson's Android-powered 'PlayStation Phone' will get hit sandbox builder before the iPhone or any other mobile device.


Modern Warfare 3 Will Be Ridiculous, Hit November 8

See if you can spot how many things don't go boom in Activision's apocalyptic debut trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Bunch of PSP Games in the Offing for PlayStation 3

Sony plans line of 'remastered' PlayStation Portable games for the PlayStation 3.


Yep, Looks Like Sony's Been Hacked Again

Sony subsidiary So-Net admits someone broke into its Internet service and made off with virtual currency worth upwards of $1,200.

L.A. Noire Causing PS3s and Xbox 360s to Overheat?

Is Rockstar's post-WW2 Los Angeles-based crime saga making game consoles a little hot under the collar?

Sony Denies PSN Hack, Confirms PSN Web Exploit

Sony says its PSN Web page wasn’t hacked, but admits it was (almost) exploited.

Hacked Again? New PlayStation Network Password Exploit Surfaces

Users claim they've found a new way to hack PSN member accounts, and Sony may have taken the PSN login page down in response.

For Japanese, PlayStation Network Still in Fetal Position

The PSN's mostly back worldwide, but in Sony's home country, the service remains offline pending government regulatory approval.

PSN Apology: What Else Would You Have Sony Do?

Sony's 'apology package' is more than enough in financial restitution for the 26 days lost, but the real apology comes when the network's proven safe and sound.

Sony’s PSN Outage Letter to Publishers Leaked, Adds Nothing New

Letter claimed to be from Sony to publishing partners suggests the company's telling everyone the same story.

Google's Great Chrome-Based Angry Birds Giveaway

Want the first batch of Angry Birds levels free? Google's happy to oblige, and it's added exclusive 'Chrome-inspired' levels, too.

PlayStation Network: Will Developers Jump Ship?

Three weeks into Sony's PSN outage, developers are starting to grumble about revenue losses.

Rumor: PlayStation Network Gaming Back This Week

The latest scuttlebutt has PSN game-related matchmaking returning to duty sometime this week.