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6 Weeks Until the PlayStation Network’s Back?

Rumors of a weekend Sony hack attack turn out to be false, and Sony says its PlayStation Network may not be fully back until the end of May.

PSN Almost Back as Threat of Fresh Hacker Onslaught Looms

Sony says its rebuilt PSN has entered final testing, as claims emerge that hackers plan fresh attacks on Sony this weekend.

NPD: Half of All Full-Game Downloads Are Mobile

NPD Group releases study results suggesting mobile gamers account for half of all full-game video game downloads.

Wii Price Drop to $150 Confirmed, New ‘Select’ Value Line Launched

Nintendo drops the price of its flagship console and sweetens the bundle, while launching a new line of value-priced Wii games.

Modern Warfare 3 Could Be Announced This Week

Voice of fan favorite Modern Warfare character drops clues suggesting Call of Duty next-in-series announcement imminent.

24,000 Accounts Exposed: Sony’s Swift Descent Into Night

Sony details latest info-breach, admitting nearly 24,000 credit card and bank accounts were exposed in attack on Sony Online Entertainment.

Sony Online Entertainment Hacked, 12,700 Credit Cards Stolen

If you thought all hackers grabbed when they infiltrated Sony's PlayStation Network was personal info, think again.

Gamewatch: Thor God of Thunder, MotorStorm Apocalypse

Check out the latest PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and handheld video games shipping the week of May 2, 2011.

Is Sony’s PSN ‘Welcome Back’ Enough? Did You Already Buy an Xbox 360?

Sony Japan apologizes for lengthy PlayStation Network outage, says PSN and Qriocity will be back in part this week, but is it too little, too late?

Share Up To 65,536 Maps in Next Minecraft Update

Minecraft version 1.6 will include bug fixes, but also a new feature that should thrill armchair cartographers.

Sony's PlayStation Network Disaster: What Happens Next?

Sony's PlayStation Network is down: tens of millions may have had personal data stolen. Where does Sony go from here?

First Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Released

Want to see what Mass Effect 3 looks like? Mostly like Mass Effect 2, but if you're into gleaning story details, these two have tales to tell.

No Rumor: Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor in 2012

Nintendo gets in front of rumors and confirms Wii successor codenamed Project Café, available in 2012, and viewable at E3 2011 in June.

Gamewatch: Darkspore, Outland

Check out the latest PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and handheld video games shipping the week of April 25.

Valve Won’t Provide Steam Sales Data: Should We Care?

Valve says it won't provide Steam sales and calls the idea of sales charts 'old'.