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Sony Saying Sayonara to PSP Go? Not Yet

Japan news-watcher suggests Sony's PSP Go is dead in the water, but rumors of its death appear to be exaggerated.

Users Love Portal 2 As Much As They Hate It

User reviews of Valve's space-bending puzzle game degenerate into partisan scoring and name-calling.

No The Last Guardian in 2011, No ICO/Shadow of the Colossus This Spring

Sony announces major delays for action-adventure The Last Guardian and re-mastered PS3 versions of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Portal 2: A Little Better All The Time

Portal 2 still has more foibles than virtues, but past the halfway mark it starts to show promise.

Check Out id Software’s Latest RAGE Trailer

I'm still not sure what id Software's visually slick September-bound shooter adds up to, but as expected, it sure looks pretty.

Portal 2: He Flies Through Puzzles with the Greatest of Ease

Valve's reality-bending puzzler sequel hits stores today, but is it all the breathless reviews claim?

Gamewatch: Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy IV

Check out the latest PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and handheld video games shipping the week of April 18, 2011.

Play The Potato Sack, Help Release Portal 2 Late?

Valve's alternate reality game may have backfired, teasing Portal 2's early release with a distributed computing spoof that's instead pushed it past the launch day's midnight hour.

Nintendo’s Next Console Rumor Roundup and Wishlist

Want to know all there is to know about Nintendo's rumored next game system so far?

Next Nintendo Console Cannibalizing PS3 for Ideas?

Will Nintendo's so-called Wii 2 look to Sony's PS3 for inspiration and add a Blu-ray player in the bargain?

Sources: The Wii 2 Exists, and We’ll See It at E3 in June

Game mag claims 'multiple sources' tell it Nintendo's next game console will show at E3 this summer, 'if not sooner'.

What You’ll Get in the Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK

Microsoft spills the beans on what's coming in its imminent Kinect for Windows SDK beta.

World of Warcraft From Level 0 to 85 Without Killing a Thing

How do level from naught to 85 in the world's most popular online roleplaying game without killing a single thing?

Rumor: $50 Wii Price Cut Coming May 15th?

Is Nintendo planning to jump the E3 2011 gun and drop the price on its Wii game console a month earlier than expected?

Mass Effect 3 Not the MMO Series Could Eventually Be

BioWare's Casey Hudson admits the company hopes to do more multiplayer in the future, teases Mass Effect MMO.