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Doomsday for Sony Online Entertainment?

Rumors swirl of massive studio and job cuts at Sony's online development flagship, but who stays or goes, and what does it mean for Star Wars Galaxies?

Xbox 360 DVDs Get 1GB Extra Space in Dashboard Update?

Rumor has it Microsoft's swapping an old anti-piracy scheme for new one that'll free up about 1GB of storage space on new Xbox 360 DVDs.

Want to Preview Microsoft's Next Xbox 360 System Update?

Microsoft announces plans for new Xbox 360 System Update, offers preview access to "multiple thousands" of users.

What Happens If You Microwave the Nintendo 3DS?

Why bother with sledgehammers, knives, or your own two feet when you can simply drop a $250 piece of cutting-edge gear in a microwave?


Mass Effect 2 'Arrival' Download Arrives

BioWare's final expansion for Mass Effect 2 arrives today, unlocking a narrative coda linking it to Mass Effect 3's full-scale alien invasion.

How I Got the Nintendo 3DS 'Black Screen of Death'

The Nintendo 3DS already has an 'of death' allegation, and I seem to be one of a handful of preliminary victims.


Gamewatch: Dynasty Warriors 7, The 3rd Birthday, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Check out the latest PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and handheld video games shipping the week of March 28.

8 Nintendo 3DS Games Reviewed: Which Ones Should You Buy?

You're ready for the Nintendo 3DS, but are you ready to choose your first few games? We'll help you decide.

Almost Here: The Nintendo 3DS Arrives Sunday March 27

The Nintendo 3DS launches tomorrow across the U.S. and at a some stores tonight at midnight, so where should you pick one up?


About the Nintendo 3DS's Battery Troubles

The Nintendo 3DS offers 3 to 5 hours battery life playing 3D games, and while that's what Nintendo's been saying all along, it's still disappointing.


Come Get Some in June: Duke Nukem Forever Delayed One Last Time

Publisher bumps Duke Nukem Forever release date back a month, says 'Duke Never Comes Early'.

Updated: PS3 Hacker Geohot Flees to South America?

Sony suggests PS3 hacker George Hotz may have left the country to avoid turning over his personal property.

Hung: Dead Island Game Logo Censored by ESRB

Art depicting a man hung from a tree altered after Entertainment Software Review Board flunks Deep Silver marketing game logo.

Judge Rejects Google Book Deal Over Monopoly Concerns

The search giant wanted to let users search the full text of any book scanned and digitally tucked away in its online database.

Syfy Wants a Piece of Facebook, Too

Former Sci-Fi Channel cable company says it's all-in for social gaming, plans to bring new games to market, starting with Facebook this year.